What I wore: dress up Friday

by Franca on 28 July 2014

Dress Up Friday
Dress up Friday

The other day at work we had dress UP Friday, where we all (ok not all, but some. And I’m sure next time it’ll be bigger) put on fancy clothes we wouldn’t usually wear to work and went out for luncg. I dug out my dig for victory dress, which i love but rarely wear because it just doesn’t quite fit me, it keeps falling off the shoulders in a milkmaid style. But I can’t bear to part with it cos it looks so nice and I commissioned it! I have in the past taped it to myself but I must have chucked the tape at some point, and I’m not buying any more, so i had to go for regular pulling. The hats are mostly from the place we went for lunch in, they have them as decoration and can get them down for people. I don’t actually own a mother of the bride type hat!

Outfit stats:
dress – dig for victory * shoes – clarks originals * bag – tula *


Project 52: 30/52

July 27, 2014

feeding the ducks at Blackford Pond. Or rather, munching the duck’s bread while being delighted with other people feeding the ducks! A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014

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Recommendations please: Where should we stay in Paris?

July 25, 2014

Has anyone been to Paris recently? We are going in October without Milo and are not sure what area to stay in. We don’t mind being a bit further out as won’t be doing the typical sights. Somewhere that’s nice to walk around in, windowshop and have coffee/drink/food. We went in 2010, from then I […]

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What I wore: Handmade orange maxi dress

July 23, 2014
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This is the dress I made in the red thread sewing class! Nice, intit? I’m not really a maxi person, mainly cos I’m a shortarse and they’re always too long. But obviously when you make it yourself you can pick the length! I actually love the feeling of it, especially in the unusually balmy weather […]

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Family portrait!

July 21, 2014
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We commissioned a family portrait! I’ve been meaning to tell you all about Victorija for ages. She’s a super talented illustrator who I found through instagram. She sells mainly shrinkplastic jewellery based on her painting, but also original paintings, prints and cards in her shop andsmile studio. All at really accessible prices! This portrait is […]

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Project 52: 29/52

July 20, 2014
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My parents are here and on Monday we went to the beach here in Edinburgh, Portobello. Milo had actually never been to a beach before! He really enjoyed it, especially cos the sand (which was all nice and warm even though the sun had gone by the time we arrived) makes an excellent cushion for […]

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Copenhagen: Nyhavn and Christiania

July 18, 2014

I know I got kind of sidetracked with newer stuff, but there’s still some Copenhagen pictures left! This was from the day we went to Nyhavn, harbour bit with all the colourful houses that’s probably the most stereotypical part of the city. Not nearly as touristy as we expected though! We also went to Christiania, […]

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What I wore to see the queen

July 16, 2014
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Well, not really! But we did go to the queen’s garden party at holyrood palace. No exciting and meaningful reason (my colleague’s dad got knighted for services to brewing, how cool is that?), they just reserve a number of tickets for the Scottish Government and you can put your name down for it. You can […]

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Red Thread Studio sewing classes

July 14, 2014
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