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Project 52: 51/52


Milo and me have got a cold after spending a lot of time on Friday walking through the freezing rain, so we were mostly staying in on Saturday. To get some movement, we did action songs to a compilation of this programme Monkey See, Monkey Do that’s on one of the on demand channels. I can see it’ll get pretty irritating very quickly, but Milo loved it straight away and it makes a change from Paddington Bear and Thomas the Tank Engine which Milo demands to have on all the time and we’re pretty sick of by now!

A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014


Mimi’s bakehouse


Another fairly loose interpretation of a prompt! This time it’s delicious. This was from an unblogged (by me, you can read other’s accounts here and here and here) sewing blogger meet up. We went to Mimi’s, which is an amazing cake shop. I was unfortunately feeling uber queasy with morning sickness, during which I bizarrely went off sweet stuff (now firmly back on the cake wagon though!), so I didn’t actually have any cake myself, but lots of the girls had this beautiful rainbow cake, made slighty less beautiful by the fact that someone (we think the manager or owner) dropped it in spectacular style while cutting it. We were all staring unashamedly, hehe!

Photo by Elaine, showing me with Nessa



Triangle/Pyramid sculpture No. 34, 2010
Triangle/Pyramid sculpture  No. 30, 2010
Triangle/Pyramid sculpture No. 32, 2010

Triangle art by street artist Keep Drafting found via flickr and clickable for source


On the table

tulsa twins
indian cooking

Well, some of them are! Photos via the LIFE magazine archives


Exciting announcement time!

picobee scan

So, I guess some of you might have guessed this already, and instagrammers will have seen as well: We’re having another baby! The picobee* is due 25 June. We’re delighted!

This was the life thing I was talking about in my intro to the December break. I went massive really early on this time so it wasn’t really possible to do outfit photos without announcing it, plus I had a pretty shitty first trimester with the morning sickness. I had no energy or motivation to do anything at and it’s always really annoying not to be able to talk about it at the time when you most need people’s sympathy and seats on buses. But I feel all better now, and am looking forward to the second trimester burst of energy!

* we call Milo the microbee (originally microbe), and for some reason we thought that the pico- (gram, metre, second etc) meant 1/1000th of micro. Actually that’s nano, pico is 1/1000000th but by the time we’d worked this out, picobee stuck.




at Edinburgh Zoo


White lace scarf

.Fern Lace Scarflette

..which I made years and years ago


Project 52: 50/52


It was Milo’s second Birthday on Thursday and I thought I’d take a photo of him playing with his new toy kitchen (which he loves) but then we started blowing raspberries and making noises into a pringles tube after lunch yesterday and it was just so funny, that I decided to make that the weekly picture!

A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014


Favourite photo of 2014


From our family photos