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I should probably say…

… that we are reunited with Ginger. He’s been even cuddlier than usual since he returned from his mini adventure on the other side of the big road.

ginger monkey

Since I mentioned he was missing in my first post, here’s the story. We got him back on NYE, about twenty minutes before we were about to go out our neighbours knocked saying that they’d found a poster about a found cat in the supermarket. We found the people, but the guys english wasn’t great, so we couldn’t work out if it was him over the phone. We drove over there still not knowing if it was him or not. But thankfully it was and we were both so happy!

What we think happened was that he crossed london road, a big road that’s always busy near us, and couldn’t get back home and then stared meowing at random strangers and following them until eventually Radek who found him took him to his home. Ginger does have an identity chip but obviously only a vet can scan that, so it would have taken ages had we waited for Radek to take him there and he was in a tiny third floor flat which obviously isn’t ideal for a cat used to going outside.

But we’re so happy he’s back and thank you Radek for finding him!

ginger's back

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