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Orange is the new black (apparently)

On a related note, having a look round the interweb in my lunch break today i came across this article suggesting that the future’s orange, i.e orange is the key colour for the new year. Now I don’t know about that, and this being the guardian, the author seems pretty aware how ludicrous it is to suggest anything is the new anything, but her point about very few people wearing orange actually got me thinking.

Looking through my wardroberemix set it struck me that I actually own comparatively few orange things. I can count them on one hand actually: vest top, tights, bag, scarf. and i always seem to be wearing them with purple? I think I’ll add to my list of new years resolutions: wear orange with colours i haven’t before, like green and turquoise. Yes!

29 August 2008


4 June 2008

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