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contemporary quilts

This recent post about contemporary quilts on apartment therapy caused me to search the flickr-universe for more and contrary to what it says in the AT post, there is SO MUCH out there!

Quilting is something I hugely admire, but not something I’m ever likely to be able to do myself. We have actually been stockpiling scrap fabric with the aim or making a small one for the sofa, but I have a feeling that that will never happen. It is sad to admit I am a little scared of our sewing machine. Its a huge 1970s one donated by Dave’s mum and I always get it all tanged up. Dave can use it fine though, so I’m not blaming the machine, just my clumsyness.

Anwyay, here’s some of my favourite quilts I found:

from kmel

from BooDilly

from BooDilly

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  • ambika 19 March 2009, 4:12 pm

    These are all so wonderful. I think the 4th one might be my fave.

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