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Favourites and obsessions

I have decided to complement my weekly instalment of flickr faves with a bit of a record of the things that have lodged themselves in my brain this week.

multicoloured faves

This week, I’ve been loving:

* Paris. We’re going for my birthday in June and I am getting pre-emptively excited. My travel guide is already well-thumbed and we are in the process of booking our apartment.

* Apple and blackberry crumble, with lots of cinnamon in the crumbly bits. We had this for our dinner on Wednesday instead of proper food. Hmmm.

* Crinolines. I’ve been stalking etsy for one this last week and finally bought this one. I love the bright red colour and can’t wait to wear it to the next swing dance.

* Libraries. I joined the council library a few weeks back and I was reminded of how wonderful libraries are, all this knowledge in one place (for free!) and a chance to discover new things just because they are sit on the shelf next to something I am actually looking for. I spent a lot of time in libraries when I was wee (I was an obsessive reader child) and the atmosphere of relaxed quietness makes me feel nostalgic!

* The Dark Was The Night compilation compiled by the guy out of the National. The sad but strangely upbeat mood fits the start of spring perfectly.

* Non-wool yarn. I’m switching my knitting to spring mode and anything silk, cotton or linen based is in. Its an excuse to go yarn-shopping!

* The Wire. Really is as good as everyone says.

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