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Goodies for swap

Every 2-3 months I go through my wardrobe and weed out of some of my oldly thrifted stuff to take back to the charity shops to make way for newly thrifted things. This time, I was particularly ruthless and included things that I don’t wear very often, even if I love them. But then I had second thoughts about a few items that are really too lovely to just give away. I’d rather they go to somebody who actually wants them. I can’t be bothered with ebay and thy’re not vintage, so etsy isn’t an option. So I am putting them up for swap.

I usually do my clothing swaps through th wardrobeswapshop group on flickr, but i havn’t seen anything I like in there for ages, so I was wondering if the ladies of the blogosphere want these things and have fun things to swap (doesn’t nessarily have to be clothes)? If so, leave a comment or send me an email or flickrmail and w can sort something out.

So anyway, here’s the things:

for swap
This is a lovely thick cotton fabric, much better quality than you usually get. Brand is Uttam London and size is M.

for swap
This is from H&M, fabric is cotton, UK size 12/US 8.

for swap
This is from French Connection, fabric is cotton, UK size 12/US 8.

for swap
Finally, these are a UK size 6, slightly too big for me, hence nopt worn much. From Office. Online conversion charts are not very clear what this is in US sizes. i used three tools and it came out as 7.5, 8 or 8.5. If you’re interested, maybe get in touch and I’ll add measurements.

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  • jessica 22 June 2009, 1:30 pm

    hallo! I fell on your blog from wardrobe remix and love your style…and then see you're also in edinburgh…and see you were offering a swap…i'd love to swap for the first shirt, if you still have it, though i'm sure it's sitting happily somehwere by now. i don't have many primary coloured items, but i do have some jewelry: a yellow necklace and a purple ring.

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