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knitting journal: orange cotton cowl

Another cowl, this one for the OrangsAndApples etsy shop. The yarn is Araucania nature cotton, a 5-6 mm variegated yarn (this is knitted on 5mm needles) which I love. The shop owner recommended it after I complained vigorously that there is not enough yarn in bright colours (and I still think there isn’t!). It is pricey though, £7.50 a skein, so not sure how much I’ll be using it in the future. So the search for the perfect summer yarn continues.

I couldn’t decide on which of the etsy photos to upload, so here’s them all:

orange cotton cowl

orange cotton cowl

orange cotton cowl

orange cotton cowl

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  • Rachael 24 March 2009, 6:59 am

    You are so gorgeous! Love the cowl and I’m drooling over the jacket.

  • Oranges And Apples 24 March 2009, 12:34 pm

    aw, thanks! I just have the photoshop skills, or you wouldn’t be saying that!

    Dave picked the jacket (he has a talent for finding jackets), I wasn’t going to get it but he persuaded me. It is a lovely colour, but I’m still not convinced the shape suits me. Its an empire waist, which is great for people with skinny legs but on someone like me with wide hips just makes me look fat/pregnant.

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