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Orange and yellow flickr faves etc.

Orange and yellow faves

Its Sunday, and time for this weeks recap of shiny things:

* this fascinator made out of jeans hems (via Outsapop). A shame I don’t have access to scrap hems or I’d be so making this!

* Rachel Cooke’s well argued call to save our libraries from underfunding and being turned into glorified internet cafes. I am completely with her on this, particularly since I recently rediscovered the joys of public libraries.

* Going out on the bike for the first time this year, and realising I’m not as unfit as feared.

* Wardrobe organisation. Prompted by fruit in a box I went through my wardrobe and organised everything prperly again. Its not quite photograph-worthy yet though!

* Mindless knitting. I’ve been workin on a fern lace scarf for a couple of weeks now, but I just can’t concentrate on the pattern enough to get anywhere. In the meantime, I’m starting another Sophie beret (in purple) for a sense of achievement. I’ve also been experimenting with developing my own pattern for these hair bows everyone is making.

* I finally got my hands on the new Howling Bells album. I’ve seen them live so many times that the new sons seem familiar, which is weird.

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