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Outfit 6 March 2009: My ‘uniform’

In a recent post, tricia of bits and bobbins asked: what is your ‘uniform’? This recent outfit is typical of mine:

6 March 2009

When I have nothing particular I want to wear, and no special reason to get dressed up, I usually opt for basic cotton tops/shorts/zippy tops in various bright colours, layered over each other, worn with either (1) jeans or cords and red converses or sneakers or (2) a skirt with coloured tights and either boots or ballet flats in blocky colours.

I love colour blocking because there is an almost infinite number of possible colour combintations to keep things interesting, and little brain power is required, because everything goes with everything.

Also, simple blocky colours provide the ideal background for some chunky accessorizing!

Anyway, the details of the picture above:
* Knit polo neck, green long sleeve top, yellow cardie, navy cords of surpreme comfort, vintage bag – charity shops
* Adidas trainers – come sports shop
* Orangey bangle – beacon’s closet
* Beetle bangle – present from Dave, he got it from etsy
* Earrings – swap
* Rainbow ring – local gift shop. I probably should not wear it on my left ring finger, but my right hand is taken by the ring dave gave me years ago that I always wear. When I first got this ring and put it on my wedding finger, Dave said it was like I was married to a gay man. Hehe.

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  • Rachael 10 March 2009, 6:00 am

    Married to a gay man 🙂
    I love this!