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At the pub yesterday I saw a lady wearing a fantastic colourful outfit. She was in her mid-30s I reckon, and it really cheered me up that she didn’t look at all weird or like she was dressing too young for her age. Because I definitely plan on continuing to wear blocky brights as I get older. I almost went over to tell her how great she looked, but then I thought that would be weird. Instead I signed up to polyvore to try and recreate her outfit. Because I’m sad like that.

Here is what she actually wore:
* Yellow jeans
* A red and white stripy tshirt dress
* An acid yellow hoodie
* Electric blue low top converses
* A bright pink pashmina type scarf
* A bright red bicycle pannier

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  • Veronica Darling... 14 April 2009, 4:10 am

    You’re too funny! Bat for Lashes latest album is pretty good!

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