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my week in pictures

A new series: for the month of May I have decided to take a picture every day on top of my outfit, knitting and charity shop find pics – kind of like qhat Squirlaraptor does on her blog but time limited. I hope this will improve my photoraphy skills and help me look more closely at the things I come across in my every day life. So here we go for week one.

teddy bear collection
Friday. The collection of stuffed toys on our bedroom window seat. I bought the big teddy (my favourite) from a charity shop years ago, the hidden one dave bought randomly when he was at a conference in York, the teddy on the right is Dave’s from when he was little (I think his gran made it) and the mole was made by Dave when he was at school.

toy elephant
Saturday. It was Dave’s birthday and this is one of the things I gave him. It’s from Oxfam.

orange poppy
Sunday. I was taking pictures of my knitting in a little lane and there was this orange poppy growing on the wall.

handprint on the pavement
Monday. We had the day off and on the way back from visiting a friend I saw this handprint in the pavement. I’m intrigued who decided to paint it. The paint looks pretty solid and embedded in the concrete.

wet snail
Tuesday. First day back at work after the holiday and it was raining. This snail looked happy enough though.

Garden in a close off the royal mile
Wednesday. I had a big scary meeting in the parliament in the morning and because I was a little nervous ended up being 15 minutes early. To pass the time, I had a little wander into one of the closes off the Royal Mile, and there was this beautiful garden.

craft supply storage
Thursday. These are two of the many boxes I store my craft supplies in.

application form
Friday. A horrible application form. I am applying for promotion at work, and we have to go through exactly the same process as external candidates, which means application form plus two assessment boards. I don’t have much of a chance of getting through this time I don’t think, but I hopefully should make it past the application form stage anyway.

fruit tarts from the sicilian bakery
Saturday. We got these for brunch today but did not end up eating them so they will be desert tonight.

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  • Rachael 10 May 2009, 6:02 am

    Stunning pictures!! Also, I’ve tagged you in the “Prom Flashback”.

  • ana b. 10 May 2009, 7:49 am

    That wee snail going about its wee snaily life makes me so happy! Great pics. Very simple and sharp. And good luck for the promotion.

  • Emz 10 May 2009, 8:58 pm

    Oh wow I love this post! It’s so cute and yummy and it makes me feel happy inside =)

  • elena-lu 11 May 2009, 5:05 pm

    yay i love love love this new series of the blog!!! very cool!! wonderful pics and insight to your world!