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my week in pictures

I said I’d only do this pic a day thing until June, so I guess this could be the last one. I might carry on with it though, I have really enjoyed it and its been a good challenge, although I felt like I was running out of steam a little towards the end (as you can see I’ve missed out Saturday), so I won’t beat myself up if I don’t manage a pic *every day*.

anway, this week:

little fuffy clouds
Friday. I mainly spent the day on the train down to Leicester. This is the sky from Dave’s mum’s garden. These clouds are called ‘little sheep clouds’ in German and are supposed to announce rain the next day. Although I may be remembering that wrong, because it was sunny and warm all weekend.

Saturday. We went down to London to watch Eric Clapton in the Royal Albert Hall. These are the steps in front of the Albert Memorial.

Sunday. We went into Leicester to look at some of the new reeneration areas. this is the new theatre, the curve.

Monday. Another travelling day. This pic is from the retro-tastic waiting room in Peterbourough station.

Tuesday. My (and a couple of Dave’s) big beads, hung on my wardrobe.

new shoes
Wednesday. I went out in my lunch break to find some smart red sandals suitable for walking long distances in. I come back with casual green canvas shoes with a sole so flimsy you can feel every cobble. But how pretty are they?

Thursday. Dave wearing the Bat for Lashes tshirt bought at her gig a few weeks back. I used to be obsessed with band tees, but have one off them now, unless the design is really good, as it is here!

Friday. We went to the Taste festival, a foodie event in one of the parks, where you could sample lots of nice dishes cooked by various Edinburgh restaurants. This is a detail from a canvas bag given away at a stand promoting a wine brand. The wine itself wasn’t great, but the multicoloured tapes make me happy.

Sunday. The weather is still hot hot hot, and there’s nothing nicer than some ice cold coke with fresh lemon to cool you down.

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  • Diana 31 May 2009, 11:38 pm

    i love these shots! minimalistic but amazing!

  • _nina_malvada_ 1 June 2009, 8:34 am

    i want that Bat for Lashes tee..!!!

    did he got it from the official site??

    (nice blog)

  • Pansy 1 June 2009, 3:20 pm

    Those bow shoes are SO ADORABLE!

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