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Defining my style part 1: the cornerstones of my style

I’ve been thinking about why I dress like I dress (which is always a fascinating topic) and I thought it would be a good idea to start with defining what I see as the cornerstones of my style, the things that define it and make it recognisably ‘me’, before I get into the difficult ‘why?’ questions – these will follow in part 2.

So, here goes:

* As you may have gathered, I like bright colours. In my book, any colour is good, and I particularly favour anything deep and saturated and ‘shouty’. The only colours I don’t like on me are pastels (make me look washed out) and neons (I’m not a thirteen year old neon-kid after all).

* I usually wear my colours simple and blocky

1 August 2008
Blocky, bright colours!

* I make up for this with liberal use accessories – my favourites are scarves and brooches/badges/buttons/pins, and I go through phases of wearing dangly earrings, but really any bit of jewellery that adds interest is good with me. I avoid delicate and dainty necklaces though.

* I do like prints, as long as they’re big, graphic, in your face and (you guessed it) colourful. 1960s op art stuff really appeals to me, little floral prints are not my thing.

* I love matching colours, its almost a compulsion. There’s nothing that pleases me more than picking up colours from a print and matching it in my accessories. Or vice versa!

1 June 2008
Colour matching. This outfits was basically built around the socks.

* I am partial to anything a bit silly and kiddie and made up and cheap, like wearing the ribbon with the bell you get on those lindt bunnies as a bracelet. I like it when clothes are used in a different way than intended by the seller, like a top as a skirt, or a skirt as a dress. Related to this, anything handmade is great, even if its not made very well and looks a bit cobbled together.

* I love wearing vintage clothes, but I usually wear them with a modern twist. I don’t really have a literal, ‘authentic’ vintage style.

10 August 2008
A vintage dress, but not vintage style. Also, a print to my taste.

* I like big swishy skirts, but also fitted pencil skirts that end at the knee.

* My silhouette varies, but is always fitted at the waist.

* Although I often wear trousers, for some reason they rarely make it into outfit posts. I just feel more dressed up and interesting in a skirt.

25 May 2008
The exception to the rule: me wearing trousers in WR.

* I only very very rarely wear synthetic materials.

* Even more rare it is for me to wear shoes with heels larger than 4 cms. I do own a couple of pairs, but they’re really more for looking at than wearing for any length of time.

How do you define your style? what are the things that make it yours?

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  • Sal 8 June 2009, 5:38 pm

    We've got TONS in common, lady. In fact, I was nodding my head until you got to the last two: I adore polyester as the world's easiest-to-care-for fabric, and am in love with heels. But other than that, bring on the bright blocks of color!

  • elena-lu 8 June 2009, 7:06 pm

    im not sure ive ever stopped to really think about what defines my style! hmm maybe i do have a definate style and i dont even know it! this is an interesting post i will have to look through my things and kind of see but i have a feeling im still learning about my style and evolving so even though i wish i could do a post like this I CANT! at least not right now!
    i love that first pic! you look so fun and cute and happy! love it!

  • Diana 10 June 2009, 6:56 am

    hmm, i don't have a definite style, i just like experimenting and wear what i'd like for the day. i love your bold colors!

  • Rachael 10 June 2009, 7:23 am

    "I do own a couple of pairs, but they're really more for looking at than wearing for any length of time." – Love it!

    Hooray for colour!

  • poet 13 October 2011, 7:32 am

    Teehee, I made earrings and a necklace for my roommate from lindt bunny bells!