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Space Invaders Street Art

Paris is probably one of the best cities for streetart I have been to. There’s not as much volume-wise as there is in Berlin, but its all really professional and high quality. It also seems to be quite an accepted activity, I saw somebody pasting up a paper thing right in front of the centre pompidou, with people standing watching.

There are these space invaders all throughout the city – most seem to be in the Marais.

Paris space invaders

There are also other pieces of streetart inspired by the space invaders, like this lifesize (well, human-sized) picture on the wall of the Jewish museum:

fighting alien streetart

I also found a video of the artist, Invader, in his studio talking about his work and showing his technique:

P.s. Am still trying to sort out the rest of the pictures, but progress is slow slow slow due to computer problems and the fact that I’ve had guests this weekend. But they are coming, promise!

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  • elena-lu 15 June 2009, 6:15 pm

    haha i dont have that in my city well maybe i do and i dont know it! now i'll have to go around looking! maybe ive just missed it!!

  • Clarity 17 June 2009, 5:15 am

    Very cool, and I agree with you about the tasteful nature.

    I posted about Beever in the UK a while ago, he's always at the mercy of some official telling him to move off. Strange.

    I like your blog, Vintage galore.

  • Anonymous 25 December 2009, 12:19 am

    fiiiiiiico ma noi italiani siamo ignoranti e leggiamo solo le immagini! grazie quindi per la definizione delle stesse, baci