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Blur at hyde park

blue sky

The concert was fantastic! Lovely sunny weather all the way through, great support bands (deerhoof, florence and the machine, vampire weekend and miriam and amadou), and oh wow the setlist:

Blur Setlist Hyde Park, London, England 2009

The sound was a bit messy at first, but it didn’t really matter, because everyone was singing along so much! I was quite surprised how many people knew all the words to ALL the songs. I have a sore throat now from all the shouting. It was just amazing!

I’ll stop gushing now and get on with the pictures:

ruth and I

graham and backing singers


dave and I

the stage

florence and the machine

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  • Charlotte. 5 July 2009, 10:41 am

    Wow this looks like a beautiful day…. I really should get out to go and see live music more often. There's just something so much better about it than listening to an Ipod! Oh, and I love those big red sunnies… they're so fun! =]!

  • Candycane 5 July 2009, 3:03 pm

    Great colours – you look fab .. and I agree those sunglasses are fun 😀

    Loving the piccie of Graham!

  • Veronica Darling... 5 July 2009, 11:11 pm

    OMG, yay! Who's the girl singing in the last piccie? (I don't recognise…?)

    I hope they come to Australia! I've never seen them live, but I think it'd be a stretch for them to be here.

    How good are Vampire Weekend though??!!

  • Oranges And Apples 6 July 2009, 7:14 am

    Veronica, that's florence of florence and the machine. She was great, even though she was on early on, when nobody was paying any attention.

    Blur are playing quite a few festivals this year, so you never know. But I don't think they're properly together again, not for touring at least.

  • elena-lu 6 July 2009, 7:44 pm

    love the colors of that top (dress?)

  • Fabienne 21 August 2011, 9:45 pm

    Discovered this just now and I'm so jealous! I wish I could have made it to a concert of their reunion tour, but sadly no. I probably missed my last chance to see them live together. 
    Anyway, I love your blog, not only do I really like your outfit-posts, but I really enjoy getting your view on all kinds of interesting stuff. This blog is not just about fashion, but about so much more, that's what's so great about it! Thank you!! :-))

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