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Online Shopping Spree

I have problems! I just went and spent £100 on clothes from People Tree! I think the promotion has gone to my head! I’m usually pretty good at remaining impassive when faced with lots of shiny new stuff in shops, but for a variety of reasons I find people tree much harder resist – everything is fairtrade and organic and they are literally the only people I know of whose tshirts/jersey tops are not translucent.

I went on to their website with the intention of buying some yoga bottoms, but then quickly became sidetracked by all the stuff in the sale. Their collections have been a little too hippyish/ethnic for my taste in the past, but while all that stuff is still there, they also now do some great crisp tailored pieces – like the four things in the picture I got (as well as the yoga pants). The two black things I’d been coveting for ages and were reduced from £65 to £26 – who can say no to that? It’s funny that I chose to spend so much money on neutral colours – the tunic that is shown in red in the picture I got in light grey – its not like me! I’m hoping they will make funky but smart work clothes. Can’t wait for the stuff to get here now!

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  • Charlotte. 12 July 2009, 4:17 am

    I can end up browsing all sorts of online stores for hours, just because it can be difficult to get much cloth variety in shops around where I live… and sometimes I treat myself to actually getting some! Haha =]! I'm about to go and check out these 'peope tree' people, hehe… their stuff looks nice! ^_^.

  • ambika 12 July 2009, 4:14 pm

    I'd never heard of them. I'll have to take a look now!