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Outfit 17 July (and shopping ban)

17 July 2009

Worn for birthday drinks. I initially was going to wear the bottom outfit, but while I was in the process of taking pics, it started chucking it down, so I added tights, and more waterproof shoes (plus a decidedly unsexy waterproof jacket).

dress – skunkfunk
vest top – zara, bought especially to make this dress less indecent, after the excessive boobiness when I wore it before.
beads – gift
shoes – schuh
pink shoes I would have worn – charity shop

I don’t think I mentioned that I’ve put myself on a shopping ban until Christmas. I think the people tree shopping spree made me realise that I’ve been letting my standards slip a bit in tertms of buying new, and I’ve been accumulating too much stuff. We’re also trying to save up for a long haul holiday and Dave is trying to pay off some car-related debt, so I’m trying to support him by not buying stuff either.

The rules of the ban are:

1. I’m not buying any new clothes or other fashion related stuff until Christmas.

2. There is one exception: we’re going to Berlin in September, and I am allowed to break it then, because its so nice to bring stuff back from holiday. Like this dress I’m wearing here, I bought it in Madrid, and whenever I wear it it reminds me of that trip. Also if anybody compliments me on it I can say ‘Thanks, i got it in madrid’ which is nice.

3. I am not allowed to visit the charity shops until after the Berlin trip.

4. After that, I am allowed three trips between then and Christmas (one per month)

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  • Sal 27 July 2009, 6:45 pm

    I adore that dress, doll. Skunkfunk makes the funnest frocks. And best of luck with your ban! I'll be interested to hear about how it goes for yas.

  • Eyeliah SS 27 July 2009, 11:15 pm

    Wow, good luck – YOU CAN DO IT~~

  • Lemondrop Marie 29 July 2009, 4:36 pm

    Cute outfit both ways! I admire your planning. I need more planning less splurging. I am more tempted by vintage and charity shops lately than by new retail stores!

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