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Esther Coombs ceramics

Looking through the flickr esty group, I came across these amazing pieces by UK-based designer Esther Coombs – Vintage crockery updated with line drawings of contemporary urban scenes.

Here’s is what it she says in her esty shop:

“All the ceramic items, photos and imagery are found or purchased at second hand and charity shops, boot fairs and flea markets. I want to mix the old treasure and narratives these items possess with the new story I layer onto them. It’s also a little bit good for the world to use these discarded items of others, re-invent and renew them to fill our homes anew. I believe that special things created with care have the potential to add to your home and personal story and get swept up in your life long possessions, becoming a little bit of who we are. I’m a old romantic at heart — can you tell?”

Lovely isn’t it? The modern architecture based scenes with the more tradiotional elements really appeal to me. They remind me a little bit of the Edinburgh Toile by Timorous Beasties, that’s currently up everywhere promoting the Edinburgh International festival, but I still can’t find a shareable picture of.

All photos via Esther’s flickr. She also has a website and an etsy shop.

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  • Little Monarch 30 August 2009, 8:59 am

    wow these are amazing! i love i love.

  • Missa 31 August 2009, 9:56 pm

    Wow. Love these!