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Summer Sundae live music photos

This will be the last Summer Sundae post, I promise! I do like to split things up rather than have one huge big post where I dump everything. So here are the photos we took of some of the bands that were playing, kind of a random selection of what was on – we didn’t get close to the front for that much. Most of these were actually taken by Dave and his camera with superior zoom, just to give credit where it’s due.

saint etienne
Saint Etienne. I took against Sarah Cracknell for not entirely rational reasons that I won’t go into (because random negativity is just no good), but they were still pretty good even so, much dancier than on record.

Idlewild. They were headlining the first night, because the Streets had cancelled due to swine flu, but it didn’t go great for them. I love them, but the teenage kids of Leicester appeared to have no idea who they were, and they folkified the older, punkier songs which didn’t help in getting energy levels up. So it was quite subdued, and it would have been better for them if they had the afternoon set as planned I think.

broken records
Broken Records. They are from Edinburgh, and you should go and check them out now! Their bass player (not in this pic) lives in a flat a couple of doors down from us. We don’t know him, but we feel like we do, because he’s always out smoking on the street. I’m now too much of a fan girl to be able to talk to him in a normal way.

lightning seeds
Lightning Seeds. I know many people think they are too cheesy, but I love them! also, when played live, the songs are a bit rawer, which is nice.

my latest novel
My Latest Novel. I for some reason thought they were from Edinburgh too, but they are actually from Glasgow, which explains why I’d never seen them before. Anyway, I have now and they are very good. But why do so many bands have violinists now, even if they’re not folky? Its a new thing!

Woodpigeon. They were on really early in the day, but were ace! A real surprise (never heard of them before) which is why I’m including this photo, even though it’s not as close as the other ones. Myspace here.

More in the flickr photoset.

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  • Pomegranate 29 August 2009, 7:26 pm

    Hey, that's cool – I know Woodpidgeon! Well, sort of. I lived in Edinburgh and I knew the lead singer of this band, but I didn't know that until I came back to Canada and his band played at a show here for my husband (a promoter) and I was like "I know that guy!!". So, yeah. They're Canadian, and they are great.