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The Indelicates

I simply must tell you about the Indelicates. This has got nothing whatsover to do with fashion or knitting or design or anything that usually goes on on this blog, but hey! I am excited about them and I shall tell you about them.

The Indelicates were supporting Amanda Palmer when we went to see her, but we got there late and missed them. Then they came on with AFP at the end of her show and they sounded like they might be good so I checked out their album. And I’ve been listening to it pretty much non stop since and haven’t been able to get the tunes (esp. New Art for the Perople) out of my head.

The Indelicates are led by Julia and Simon Indelicate who are in fact neither related not married. Julia used to be in the Pipettes according to Wikipedia. This is her on stage with AFP in Edinburgh:

They are sort of folk-rock, with piano and violins and flutes and brass and classical indfluences, but they’re not really folk, the music gets quite guitary-jumpy. The lyrics are excellent and non-traditional, which is are why I like them so much I think. I have no musical training, and I’m all about the lyrics and the overall tunes. I can sing along to almost anything. Dave on the other hand is really into basslines, which I just don’t understand at all. But yeah, the lyrics are great. Can you tell I’m terrible at describing music?

So yeah, just go and have a listen! Myspace here.

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