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Outfit 18 September evening and Cinematics lookalikes

18 September 2009 night

From the Friday night in Berlin, when we went to a club. I had intended to just wear the daytime outfit with an orange vest instead of the burgundy top, but was having some last minute concerns about how hot it was going to be in the club, and so decided to just go for a single layer in the end.

skirt – zara
vest top – aa
necklace – primark
shoes – converse
hairband – accessorize
earrings – from the lovely package exchange

The 1990s and the Cinematics were playing at the club night, they were both good but the Cinematics especially. I’m not quite sure why they are not bigger than they are, what with so many other Joy Division inspired bands that making it big. They are certainly no wrose, and better than many. It was a night of lookalikes:

Larry from the Cinematics (middle pic) = a cross between snooker player Mark williams and 80s Morrissey

Scott from the Cinematics – Nick MacCarthy from Franz Ferdinand:

Jackie from the 1990s and my friend T:

The barman also looked a bit like Jay Kay of Jamiroquai, but I have no photographic evidence.

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  • Sal 28 September 2009, 4:57 pm

    LOVE that neckline on you, lady. Super flattering! And a great color combo, too – red and olive are awesome together.

  • dearilou 29 September 2009, 3:59 am

    Ooo, I love the 1990s. Also, all the red and green is giving me an Amelie vibe.