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Items in your wardrobe you wear again and again

This post is inspired by an old discussion thread in the wardroberemix flickr group about items you remix a lot. I was reminded of it by this post on Already Pretty, which sparked some discussion of the use of the term ‘remixed’. I am inclined to agree with the first commenter that saying something is remixed isn’t really necessary, because I would basically assume that something has been worn before, unless the person tells me that it’s new.

But when I actually had a look in my wardroberemix set, I was expecting there to be lots of repetition, but I was surprised that there actually wasn’t. I think this is partly to do with the way I use my outfit posts rather than the way i dress (I talk about it below). Anyway, these were the top three most shown items:

blue skirt

Blue cotton skirt – 10 outfits

This skirt is ancient, from h&m, when I was 16 maybe. It was orignially grey (see top right hand corner pic), but I have since dyed it different shades of blue three times (it always came out pretty much the same). I am not surprised that this crops up again and again – its a neutral-ish ‘blank canvas’ colour that’s still bright enough to work with my colourful style, and a classic shape, but with the added interest of the stitching around the bottom half.

red skirt

Red full skirt – 6 outfits

This is kind of in the same vein – a fairly classic shape and shade that can go with tons of things, but bright and with the interesting quirk of having a big bow at the back (no photographic evidence of that unfortunately). It’s from Zara and it has pockets! I’m surprised this hasn’t cropped up more often to be honest, for a while I wore it all the time.

blue and white dress

Blue and white vintage dress – 7 outfits, one of which is outerwear

This 1960s vintage cotton dress was a bit of a surprise – it’s quite a busy pattern and therefore not the easiest to wear in new and interesting ways. It’s been a bit of a challenge to make it different I suppose, and I do like a challenge! It’s one of my few completely patterned pieces.

I suppose just looking at my remix set is kind of misleading, because I don’t post every day and I only post when I think something is interesting and I haven’t worn it before, so my pictures are not a representative sample of what I do actually wear. Thinking about what I wear day to day, my top items are probably a nondescript pair of black trousers, this skirt, this shirt, and this stripy sporty cardie, which doesn’t make an appearance at all in my remix set, but I wear almost every night, either over my pjs or my exercise clothes if I’ve been to the yoga.

What about you? What do you wear all the time? What do you think makes a good ‘wear again and again’ type item?

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  • Sal 14 December 2009, 5:19 pm

    I'm really surprised to hear that people resist the idea of labeling something "remixed" in an outfit post. In this day and age, when recycling and reuse are considered virtues, I'd think an action that calls attention to utilizing what you already own would be considered wise. Or, at the very least, acceptable instead of a point of contention …

    As I mentioned in my response to Samantha, style bloggers get a lot of flak for "never wearing the same thing twice" and for our seemingly constant shopping. While something I've owned for 10 years might seem "new" to readers if it's never appeared on the blog, I know I've been wearing it for ages.

    I can see getting annoyed if someone seems to be flaunting their monetary resources by constantly posting expensive new items and bragging about them, but someone who is digging into the wardrobe archives? What is so irksome about calling that out?

  • Oranges And Apples 14 December 2009, 5:32 pm

    Sal, maybe I didn't make that clear, I have absolutely no problem with other people using it, but I don't find it particularly necessary is all. I don't like people using it *instead* of other descriptors, like you are going to go through that person's archive and find the original post. But that's a different issue. I will go and edit the post in case anybody thinks I'm having a go, I'm not!

  • pineapplemint 14 December 2009, 6:02 pm

    fun post! i think you've managed to work in that boldly patterned vintage dress really cleverly!

  • Sal 14 December 2009, 6:02 pm

    Thanks for clarifying, Franca. I didn't mean to get all up in arms, either … I was just blindsided by the reactions. (Not just yours, though I understand you're not criticizing … just questioning.) Especially since I've seen SO many style bloggers do this long before I started. I figured it was common practice!

  • Amy 14 December 2009, 6:20 pm

    Basically the only things I use in multiple outfits are jeans… how boring… :-/

  • elena-lu 14 December 2009, 7:42 pm

    i dont have that many clothes really so i remix just like franca says its not really something that i say (whenever i DO actually post an outfit post ha i havent done it in ages) but its not a biggie! use it dont use it whatevs! im not really sure what i use the most i think its my black pants! i really should try harder but i get lazy! but yeah almost ok everything i wear and i have been wearing for a while now would be 'remixed' cause i havent gotten anything new (i mean i havent bought anything) to add to my wardrobe its all been what i have. maybe christmas will bring new items (new to me that is but probably thrifted!) to add into the ahem 'mix'! good post franca! and loved seeing all the different ways you've worn your skirts!

  • allthisknavery 14 December 2009, 11:02 pm

    Just found your blog, and I love your colorful style!

    This is a great post – very inspiring to see the many ways you've used these items, especially things like the red skirt and patterned dress that would usually be difficult to remix.


  • Teenysparkles 14 December 2009, 11:14 pm

    Wow! You are such a clothing chameleon…those items (you wore the most) all look quite different when combined with your other clothing choices! Keep posting your outfits, they are so superb creative lady!

  • Bug 14 December 2009, 11:40 pm

    This is a really cute post. It makes me wonder what I have worn the most. You are really good at remixing clothes!


  • Eyeliah 15 December 2009, 12:29 am

    Definitely the piece has to be multi-functional and then make me feel great when I wear it. For me that is mostly my a line skirts, especially in a mix of colors – so many ways to match them. That red skirt is to die for.

  • La Historiadora de Moda 15 December 2009, 1:56 am

    I love the red skirt! Love it!
    I have only been doing outfit posts for a few months, but I have a couple of cardigans that I "remix" a lot. I wear my tall brown Fluevog boots probably more than any other shoes during the fall and winter. I also have a purple dress that I wear all the time (wore it today in fact). Somehow it ended in a bag of clothes to go to the dry cleaner instead of the laundry hamper, so I though I had lost it for about two months. It was a happy day when I recovered it and could start wearing it all the time again.


  • hillary 15 December 2009, 2:12 am

    I too get annoyed by the "remixed" with lack of description. I also get annoyed by what Sal is mentioning when people get all up in my piece about shopping when I have owned items for YEARS they just might not of been blogged. In fact the past 6 months I have kinda put a kabash on shopping except an item here and there and have challenged myself to wear things I don't wear often and the "oh another new item" stuff has been getting worse and worse! I have a pair of shoes I have had AT LEAST a year that I don't wear daily but every few weeks or so and this guy at work IN A MEETING says "OH more new shoes" to me. I said no I just happen to take care of my shoes and they still look nice and then he MADE ME SHOW HIM THE SOLES!!!

    I do have something I wear again and a again my marc dress
    http://www.byhillary.com/2009/12/lately-i-just-havent-been-myself.html Also a black American Apparel skirt and a giraffe cardigan

  • Biba 15 December 2009, 7:28 am

    I have this worn-out denim skirt that I put on very often, I couldn't live without my tan boots (I bought them a month and a half ago and I have already worn them more often than any other shoes in my closet), and my green woollen roll-neck is a winter staple as well. Apart from that, I think any 'basic' item gets a lot of wear, like long-sleeve tops and T-shirts in basic colours, perhaps a white blouse or shirt (I'm not a blouse/shirt person myself, though), as there are always endless possibilites how to style these pieces with different skirts, dresses, trousers and accessories.

  • Oranges And Apples 15 December 2009, 8:44 am

    Hillary, that's so weird, I have never got any comments like that about shopping at all, either on the blog or in real life. Which is funny, because I do get new stuff a lot, it's just that it's from charity shops, so not really new new. I would never assume anything was new in someone's outfit posts, because even if you read their blog every day, you're still not going to have an encyclopedic knowledge of their wardrobe are you!

  • Retro Chick 15 December 2009, 10:06 am

    I know what you mean about "remixed" being a kind of redundant term.

    For me I just have clothes, and I wear them as I see fit, a black top worn with jeans and then with a skirt isn't "remixed" it's just worn again!

    I wear all my clothes over and over again till they fall to pieces though!

  • Audi 15 December 2009, 11:24 pm

    I've done that too — thought I was wearing something a TON and then found out by scouring my archives that it wasn't very much at all. And I also get annoyed when people only list an item as 'remixed' and give no other details — sure, that specific item might not be available anymore, but if I like what I see then I might get introduced to a new brand or store that I hadn't heard of before.

  • Diana 20 December 2009, 7:42 am

    I love seeing the outcome.

    I have a mustard colored coat that magically looks good with everything.