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SWKDLLR: Wonderful machine knits

Having perused the craft fairs and independent shops recently in the name of christmas shopping, I have developed an obsession with knits made on a knitting machine. I so want a knitting machine, and the fact that they’re to be had for cheap doesn’t help! I am however going to be sensible, since I am kept busy with the handknitting, there’s literally no storage space left in our little flat and I’d probably end up spending a fortune on yarn and replacement parts for whatever machine I’d get (knitting machines aren’t produced any more, so I’d be relying on pricey specialists).

But in the meantime, my obsession is fuelled by these amazingly colourful items by Minneapolis-based designer Annie Larson, aka Swank Dollar/ SWKDLLR. Such a riot of colours!

Check out Annie’s flickr and blog.

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