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Outfit 17.1.10: ruffled skirt – help me style it!

17.1.10: ruffled long skirt

17.1.10: ruffled long skirt

my other new winter coat - £15!

From last Sunday, when we finally made it to the restaurant for our aniversary meal. The skirt was a birthday present from Dave years ago. I rediscovered it in my recent wardrobe clear out, it was one of those ones that I was scared to wear because it had got too tight. I just about fit into it again now, although has to sit very high on the waist, which means that there is rouching around the stomach, because it’s too loose there, but I can’t wear it any lower because it’s tight on the hips.

I’m kind of at a loss how else to style this, it’s not my usual colours, and it’s more intricate than what I usually wear, so I always ended up pairing it with black, which isn’t the most exciting. Any ideas? Now’s the time for constructive feedback!

Also, here is my other new winter coat. It’s not that exciting, I’ve seen loads of people wearing it (it’s from h&m), but mine was only £15! I think it was mislabeled and was actually meant to be 50% off. I didn’t need another coat but you can’t argue at that price. Plus it’s warmer than the polka dot one from Next.

rollneck jumper – h&m, circa 1998
brooch – swap
skirt – present from dave
shoes – clarks

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  • Darla: Retro Ways 26 January 2010, 5:03 pm

    I love the way it looks with the black top, those adorable shoes and the tights. The coat doesnt hit the skirt at the right spot though and it makes the outfit a bit off. I think a shorter coat would work wonders. Lovely skirt and pin!


  • Anonymous 26 January 2010, 5:05 pm

    Hello, I just came across your blog, though I've long enjoyed your WR outfits (I admit to being a non-participating lurker, though, sorry). Anyway, I love all your gorgeous colourful ensembles and have very much enjoyed reading your opinion posts; I have looked through lots of your archives over the last week. For your elegant brown skirt, I would suggest especially dark purple, also teal, dark/pine green, perhaps burgandy – any very rich colour. Mustard! Grey-blue. It might be easier to pair the skirt with such colours if they appeared in quite a smart blouse, maybe even with victorian-style detailing? It may be hard to find such a thing, but I've also noticed you do sometimes dye things. Also cream, or anything on the spectrum of brown from a very pale fawn to really dark – though I have noticed you may prefer the more colourful options! Wow, I feel really cheeky giving suggestions to someone who has such great outfits – but as the skirt is praps more like something I usually wear than it is like your usual outfits, that feels like a good excuse.

  • Sal 26 January 2010, 6:25 pm

    What a fabulous skirt! Anonymous has some superb color suggestions up there … I wonder if wearing the skirt with a boxy, shorter sweater could work to cover up the tightness/ruching. I definitely do that myself when skirts have to get hiked up sky high to fit!

  • Claire 27 January 2010, 11:59 am

    Under a tunic-y top or short dress? And it might be interesting to give it a whirl as a bustle, if you swiveled it round a bit..

  • Rachael 31 January 2010, 10:14 am

    Hmm I have no suggestions – except that the skirt is great and I love the way you're wearing it here!