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Outfit 20.5.10: Houndstooth dress and the new bag

First off, well done Helen on guessing the shoes I got – it was the blue camper ones! I managed to find them on Amazon for £70, so I feel like I got a bargain. My first choice were actually the black camper ones, so well done everyone who guessed that, but I tried them on and they just looked silly for my foot. You could hardly see the strap and my foot was just a completely different shape from the sole. The mary janes will work with tights as well, which is always a plus for after summer/now that it has got a little cooler again.

Anyway, on with today’s post:

20.5.10: houndstooth dress



new bag

From Thursday. Work. I was extremely stressed out and had a major argument with a senior person who was meant to do all this work for me and kept giving me lots of half finished stuff. I don’t think I said anything actually out of order, but voices were raised and I was so angry I was shaking. It took me an hour and a half and some surreptitious crying to calm down. It did work though and he finally actually did what he needed to do, so I’m not feeling too bad about it!

Anyway, I did look cute! And it was the first time I carried my lovely new bag. It’s bigger that I expected but that’s a good thing! Also, new shoes. I walked through the soles of my thrifted sensible clarks ones, and they were my fallback option for work. So I did need them, though I will admit that I have been going a little shopping-crazy recently! I’ve now put a stop to it though, I promise!

p.s. I included the second photo cos I like my hair in it. It’s like very subtle highlights, except its all natural!

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  • Sara Lynn 25 May 2010, 4:54 pm

    I am sorry to hear about your crappy co-worker. ugh.

    But you look so pretty! I love the dress, and your hair and I want that bag and those shoes! 🙂

  • La Historiadora de Moda 25 May 2010, 5:07 pm

    Sorry to hear about the workplace drama. I hope everything is resolved so that the half-finished work doesn't keep popping up!

    I love the dress – very sophisticated!

    Thanks for your comment on my dress donation post. I did want to say that I would have loved to have purchased my gown second-hand, but there's not a large market for that near me. My sister-in-law had a gorgeous big white gown that she got at a large second-hand bridal charity shop in NYC and she donated it to the one in Toronto that I mentioned after her wedding. I think more people might be interested if there were easier access to second-hand gowns aside from online where it is so difficult to tell if it will fit you and flatter you and so forth.

  • Rad_in_Broolyn 25 May 2010, 7:19 pm

    Beautiful dress! I saw some houndtooth material at a fabric shop today and I was so tempted. Your dress was the image I had in my mind.
    Bad coworkers are the worst. Sorry to hear about that. But you did look awesome.

  • Helen 25 May 2010, 7:21 pm

    oh yay I guessed right! They were my favourite, I can't wait to see how you wear them 🙂