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Outfit 22.5.10: an ancient yellow tshirt

22.5.10: an ancient yellow tshirt. fashion, clothes, style, outfit, thrift, thrifted, blogger, blog, creative, colour, color, charity shop, quirky, individual, yellow, purple, blue, brown, leather bag

yellow shoesies

ring and shoes

This tshirt is so so old. My friends got me it for maybe my 21st birthday. It’s been hiding away at the bottom of my tshirt box and I still love it!

I hadn’t planned on taking pictures of this but it turned out kind of cute in the end. When it’s hot it’s just so much easier to look effortlessly good.

top, purple plastic beads – gift
skirt – people tree
bag – the leather store on etsy
shoes – new look
giant resin ring – swap

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  • Sal 27 May 2010, 3:56 pm

    Love it. And LOVE your big grinny face, which I know is caused by your awesome new handbag. 😉

  • Katie 27 May 2010, 4:19 pm

    Love the whole thing. Purple and yellow are so perfect together.

  • Bad Taste Toast 27 May 2010, 8:14 pm

    The shirt is so supercute! Great combo with the vibrant blue! 🙂

    http://badtastetoasttoast.blogspot.com (I'm having a giveaway at the moment!)

  • Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes 27 May 2010, 11:00 pm

    ahh loving the yellow

  • Time and Space Traveler 28 May 2010, 8:47 am

    Mhhhmmm yellow and blue… I love it!

    Time and Space Traveler

  • Chelsea 28 May 2010, 1:57 pm

    I really love the yellow flats.