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Barcelona days five and six roundup

No outfit pictures for the last two days of Barcelona, so I’m rolling days five and six into one post.

dali museum, figueres

dali museum, figueres

dali - the face of mae west as an apartment

On the Tuesday we went up the coast to Figueres near the French border. It’s the birth place of Salvador Dali and there’s a massive museum of his work, including some real;ly large scale scultpures. The absolute best thing is a room actually set up to look like the painting of Mae West as an apartment you can see above.

miro foundation

miro foundation

miro foundation

Nocturne by Joan Miro

On our last day we visited the Joan Miro foundation, which again has some very cool large scale things. It also has a lovely roof terrace, but it was closed because it rained. It’s weird how lots of stuff shuts down when it rains, I guess it’s quite an unusual occurance. I used to LOVE Miro when I was little (my parents were big into all things Spanish), I think the primary colours and childlike drawings really appealed to me (still do!). It turns out he used to meticulously plan everything in a lot of detail, there is nothing childlike or accidental about it!

chocolate and churros

We also spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around, getting our gifts for going back, and having chocolata con churros. Dave referred to churros as ‘those yummy things that look like poos’, and the worrying thing is that I actually knew exactly what he was talking about! We have the minds of 5 year olds!

random house

A random house.

a fc barca fridge!

Finally, I just had to show you this! An FC Barca fridge! All of Barcelona seems obsessed, but that is surely taking it a step too far! You would have to paint your kitchen maroon and navy just to match it!

So there you are, that was our little holiday to Barcelona! All the rest of the photos are in the flickr set, should you be interested.

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