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IFB Links a la Mode

links a la mode

  • 365 Fashion Rehab – Lookbook #1-White Blouse 4 Ways
  • a la Modest – The Invisibility Cloak: The Desire to Be Noticed
  • c u f f i n g t o n – Easy, inexpensive tricks in wearing your chic flats without socks and not succumbing to blisters and calluses.
  • Confessions of a Fashion Editor – Playing ‘Dress’ Up
  • Dedicated Follower of Fashion – Prized! – Win a T-Minx Cropped Tee!
  • Fasshonaburu – Interviews the glamorous, yet down to Earth, Rachel Roy!
  • Fete a Fete – iPad Leather Covers from April in Paris
  • For Those About To Shop – Plus-size Fashion Good For Business
  • Holier Than Now – Shoes You Can Use
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers – Are Bloggers Getting Stressed?
  • kaKofonie Of si(gh)lenS – Interview with Heather Martin of mono
  • M.I.S.S. – Follow the Leader, Episode #1–Vintage Vandalizm
  • mimosas in bed – SF indie mart
  • Miss Vinyl Ahoy – Protecting your blog and copyright
  • Parker Muse – Interview with Felice Lee’s Wabi Sabi
  • Poetic & Chic – The Great Shoe Wake
  • Retro Chick – Don’t Box Me In
  • Return to Sender: A Fat Girl’s Letters to the World – Urban Outfitters: Eat Less. Actually, just Shut up.
  • Style Eyes Fashion Blog – Age Appropriate Dress
  • Stylish Distractions – Ring Toss
  • Sugar and spice and all things nice: – I write a fashion blog… And I’m proud of it.
  • the Citizen Rosebud – the Bobby Burns
  • The Coveted – Late Night Drugstore Haul
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