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Cupcake photography roundup

I may have mentioned already that when we get married next September, we’ve decided to forgo a cake and will go for cupcakes instead. In a bid to save money, I plan to bake them myself (with some help from friends, maybe?). I may still change my mind and decide to chuck money at the problem if it all gets too stressful nearer the time, but at the moment I’ve been having fun trying out different flavours and different types of icing.

So here’s a few I made earlier and have tested out on my friends and colleagues.

pistachio cupcakes

Pistachio with cream cheese icing. I loved these but the response of others who tried them was mixed. I think it’s because pistachio is an acquired taste.

lemon cupcakes with strawberry meringue icing

Lemon with strawberry meringue butter cream icing. People loved the icing, but it’s quite a faff to make as it involves beating the egg whites and sugar over heat and then letting it cool down.

chocolate chip cupcakes

Chocolate chip with chocolate butter cream icing. These were actually meant to be red velvet and I put tons of red food dye in, but you can hardly see it. I think it’s because I used natural colour. Next time it’s artificial all the way. Anyway, these were probably the most popular ones, and are closely in the running, but with a solid chocolate covering. The butter cream has to be applied at the last minute or it dries out, plus when it’s warm it goes everywhere, so it’s not really practical for making 80 of them the day before.

orange and lemon cupcakes

Orange and lemon with simple icing sugar icing. The same recipe as the strawberry meringue ones, but with the added zest of two oranges. This kind of icing is the most practical, because you can prepare it in advance and it’s solid so they’ll be easy to transport. It doesn’t of course taste of anything. But it would look great with some heart shaped red sprinkles, assuming such a thing exists.

raspberry muffins

These raspberry muffins aren’t part of the wedding practice, I made these for Dave’s birthday in May, but I hadn’t posted the picture, so here you are.

I also made some bannoffee and cinnamon ones with toffee frosting, which I didn’t take a picture of. They were delicious, though more muffin like and possibly not suitable given that both banana and cinnamon are flavours that not everyone likes.

What is your favourite cupcake? Any recommendations for what to make that most people should like? oh, and any recommendations for a good vegan recipe?

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  • FashionTheorist 6 July 2010, 3:34 pm

    I also had cupcakes instead of a cake for my wedding, although I had a baker make them. We had multiple flavors, which covered most people's taste preferences. It worked well.

  • Chelsea 6 July 2010, 3:58 pm

    We did cupcakes at our wedding too. We had a tiny cake on top that was spice cake with white chocolate frosting and little shavings of white chocolate all over. It was so tasty that I am having my mum order one for our anniversary trip in two weeks.
    As for the cupcakes we had vanilla and chocolate with a variety of frostings: strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry buttercreams. Then we also had banana bread and carrot cake with cream cheese frostings. The more possibilities the better, I say.

  • Franca 6 July 2010, 4:02 pm

    But when did you make them and how did you get them there? I have the added complication that we are actually getting married on the Friday but the reception is on Saturday and i don't want to spend my actual wedding day frosting a hundred cupcakes. Which is why I think buttercream is out! But we'll see!

  • Lorena 6 July 2010, 4:55 pm

    I am thinking carrot and cream cheese but, its just because I LOVE LOVE them…

  • Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes 7 July 2010, 10:01 am

    Mmm the pistachio ones look good, I just finished eating some pistachio myself, but I agree, they may not be that suitable for a wedding because not everyone likes them (theres some weird people out there!). I want cupcakes at my wedding too, I reckon I am going to go with something really simple though, like vanilla butter cream or something. Goodluck though.

  • The Sheriff's Daughter 7 July 2010, 3:06 pm

    You could try adding some lemon flavouring to the plain icing on the orange and lemon muffins?