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Links à la Mode

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  • tess 3 October 2010, 9:47 am

    thanks for the advice again, I get it. I'll to see if anything cool is coming up.

    Oh and I'm pretty sure he won't find this blog because only like 4 of my real life friends know of it (I don't circulate my blog whatsoever, its like a secret part of my life), I don't publish under by full real name (Tess is my real first name, but my surname in the emails is a pseudonym), I've been very careful to not list specifics of where I live in Edinburgh or what student society I met him in, and Alasdair is totally a pseudonym for him so I think I'm safe 😉 (unfortunately I did meet a real Alasdair the other day who is kind of cute. confusion gah!)