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Outfit 18.1.11: puffy sleeved dress and a bow

18.1.11: puffy sleeved dress and a bow!

vegetable scarf

I have repetitive strain injury in my right wrist. it hurts. the doctor says to rest it completely, which is nigh on impossible. but i do try and am typing this with my left hand hence the all lowercase. I am also cutting down drastically from twitter and blog commenting – the few comments i have left were probably completely incoherent due to left hand typing and no checking. i’ll continue to stay away until i get better, its easy to become addicted but a threat to my health has jolted me out of that addiction. and it really hurts, did i mention that?

so yeah, heres an outfit sans franca chatter.

dress – veronica darling! it was custom made. I <3 it.
top under – vero moda
vegetable scarf – swap
shoes – hush puppies

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