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Friend friday: blog challenges, memes and events – and going red for heart disease

outfit 29.1.11:  red and brown and stripes

my coat

I have a three things to get through today:

1. Going red for heart disease

Today is the US American Heart Association’s Going Red for Women day, to raise awareness of heart disease being the number one killer of women in that country. That’s why today’s picture is mainly red. Heart disease has and is sadly affecting both mine and Dave’s families, as I’m sure it is many of your families. Thankfully heart disease is also something where preventative action through a healthy lifestyle can make a huge difference – so go and educate yourself!

Oh, and in the UK the equivalent day is the 25th of February – wear red day, so I’ll be posting a red outfit and the info again then.

Do consider making a donation to your national heart disease charity – ater all this is as much about fundraising as about awareness raising!

Thank you to what andie wears for getting the Friend Friday bloggers involved in this.

2. Outdoor pictures

After last week’s Friend Friday questions about where people take their outfit pictures, I decided to give outdoor pics another try. I was off on Monday and I was taking the compost out into the garden anyway (I live in a maindoor flat and have to access the garden through next door’s tenement staircase, so it’s a bit of a faff), I thought I’d take some pictures while most neighbours were at work.

It didn’t take *that* much longer, but it was quite nerve racking whether anyone would come out and ask me what i was up to, so I felt quite rushed and I don’t think I’ll be be making a habit of it. I’m not sure it looks that much better either – the colour of the brick is the same colour as my hair and the fact that the wall is so dark round the bottom makes it difficult to find an exposure setting that’s right for everything.

What do you think?

vintage stripy dress – etsy
skirt, belt – charity shop
shoes – merrell
coat – h&m, £15 in the sale last year. It is the warmest coat I have. (please excuse the weird facial expression, i only took the coat pics to test the light)

3. Friend Friday: blog events

Linking back to 1., today’s Friend Friday topic is blog events/challenges/memes. I think this is all inspired by so many people doing the 30 for 30, and some people moaning about how ‘some of these ‘blogging events’ are full of people just interested in jumping on the bandwagon and trying to
garner a little more fame out of it’. Since I’ve been barely reading any blogs for a while now other than visiting those of the people that commented on mine, I don’t really know the details of this, so I’ll pretty much ignore it and just answer the questions.

1. With all the blogging events out there how do you determine which ones to participate in and which ones to avoid?

There are two reasons why will participate:

(1) the event fits easily with what I do anyway. So anything involving one-off outfits, like today’s heart disease thing or Everybody, Everywear. The reason I am not doing 30 for 30 is that I am not a daily outfit blogger, so taking a picture every day would be a major overhaul for me. I have done Jane’s Capsule Wardrobe Challenge a couple of times before and taking pictures continuously for a week is about as much as I can handle, at least while daylight hours are so restricted.

(2) the event will push me into producing great content. The Friend Friday itself is a great example of this. These posts are a lot of work, but have resulted in some pretty good posts, even if I do say so myself!

2. Be honest, have you ever jumped on the bandwagon of some blogging movement/event for the wrong reasons? How did that turn out?

The wrong reasons? No, not really. If I take part in something it’s because I want to. I’m not totally buying this participation to seek fame thing anyway. Does being one of potentially hundreds of participants really give you a shot at being famous? Not likely, unless you are also amazing in other ways!

I do remember one thing I did that I probably wouldn’t have if I had thought it through properly was 4 simple goals. I saw this on someone’s blog and thought it would be a good thing to do, and it was, because it made me think. But then I never linked back to this post, even when I did technically provide updates on some of these goals, I didn’t make that explicit. I just sort of let it fizzle out. Which I guess is fine, and nothing to do with it being ‘the wrong reasons’ but has taught me that long term blog things aren’t ideal for me. I always have a million ideas of what I want to talk about, so I tend to forget.

3. How do you give your own flair to a blog event while still maintaining the general mission and purpose?

I just chatter away, innit!

Sometime I’ll do a blog challenge just because it’s fun, not because the purported aim of the challenge. A lot of challenges are about remixing more, not shopping, wearing more colour, making use of unloved items etc. Not to be too full of myself, but really I don’t feel I’m doing too badly in any of these departments, I don’t necessarily need something to jolt me out of my habits. Also some of these challneges aren’t that challenging for me (turns out accessories are excluded from 30×30! eh?). So I am open about that, and I don’t pretend I’ve had some magical conversion when I haven’t.

4. When determining the best content for your blog what criterion do you keep in mind?

That I like it! That’s the main thing really. I try to post what I would like to read.

I do try to maintain a sort of core of outfit posts, at least twice a week, and I do the Friend Friday most weeks, but apart from that, I’m pretty easy. I just post about whatever I fancy, be it knitting, photography, food, art and design, and so on and so forth. If one day I feel like talking about music or film, I will. I also do try and do some substantive/serious/thinky posts semi-regularly, so I’m not just coasting on pretty pictures.

5. While everything will not suit your blog, how do you try and support your fellow bloggers who are participating in something worthwhile but not your style?

Just because I’m not doing something doesn’t mean I won’t comment on other people’s who are doing it. I’m loving all the 30 by 30 outfits just now! So I guess commenting is the main thing. If it was something I really fancied doing, but couldn’t for whatever reason participate in myself, I’ll also post about it to let others know via this here blog.

Et voila, c’est tout! Que pensez vous, mes amis?

P.s. Here’s the link to the roundup to this week’s responses. And if you want to find out about what friend friday’s about, that’s here.

p.p.s. I do apologise for the length of this post. I had no time to edit and cut!

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  • northwest is best 4 February 2011, 8:35 am

    Lovely coat, Franca! There's nowhere nice in my house for taking outfit photos, so I have to do it outside. At first it made me nervous but now it seems normal, and on the rare occasion someone asks what I'm doing I say "I'm doing a project", which is suitably vague and makes me sound like a student. It's the excuse I used when I accidentally went into an adult bookshop thinking it was a regular bookshop. It's a bit early in the morning for my brain to tackle blogging events… let me have a think…

  • Sacramento 4 February 2011, 9:09 am

    Franca, your photos are much better outside. Even the colour of the bricks add to the pic.
    I never join thing that takes away the freedom of doing what i want in my blog; althoug I think it is a good idea for others.

  • emilyknightley 4 February 2011, 10:43 am

    Those boots you're wearing look soooo warm! Love them 🙂

    You're so right to raise the FBFF posts as a "blog event". The amount of work that goes in to yours is always evident in how well written and thought out they are.

    Have a good weekend 🙂

  • Stef 4 February 2011, 12:32 pm

    Great coat and your boots are just perfect.
    Love the shots! 🙂

  • Citizen Rosebud 4 February 2011, 1:59 pm

    The red is a good look for you, and quite the contrast to yesterday's monochromatic scheme. That coat I would totally borrow and maybe not return.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  • Roisin 4 February 2011, 3:15 pm

    I really like your coat – I can't believe it came from H&M!

    These were really good and interesting answers. I wrote out answers for this week but decided against posting them. Not because they're controversial or anything but mainly because I haven't really participated in these blog events so my frame of reference is pretty small. I think it's interesting that some people think that there is an element of self-promotion involved because surely every blogger engages in some form of self promotion? I was also unsure as to what consitutued the 'wrong reasons' for taking part in a challenge.

  • Ms_MJ 4 February 2011, 3:59 pm

    I agree the coat is stunning!

    Great answers! When it comes to your content, you have to write about what you like and what you're passionate about and if an event doesn't fall into that, then that's okay! Your readers will respect you for that! 🙂

  • sparrowandurchin 4 February 2011, 3:59 pm

    I love the outfit!! And don't worry about nerves!

    With the Friend Friday questions… I actually have been a member since it started and have yet to answer the questions! I never feel like my thoughts are good enough. I enjoyed your answers and really feel the same on all fronts… I actually am trying the 30×30 this time mainly cause I've been enjoying Kendi do it for now almost a year, so I thought I shouldn't be chicken anymore and try it… I doubt I'll get any fame from it 🙂 Oh well, hehe

    Sparrow & Urchin

  • Veshoevius 4 February 2011, 5:12 pm

    Love the candy cane stripes and the red coat! £15??? Bargain! Like you I can't make the time to do a daily oufit post and I think you're right too about standing back and being objective about whether you need to join a blog event with rules and guidelines for remixing if you are already pretty good at that already. Do people really join these things to garner fame?
    I agree too that time spent over polishing a post rather than rushing to get stuff out all the time pays dividends in the form of posts that you can be proud of!

  • laura 4 February 2011, 6:31 pm

    ich finde die outdoor-fotos trotzdem schöner! gefällt mir gut. (: aber mich nerven auch immer die blicke der leute…

  • Terri 5 February 2011, 5:32 am

    I like the outdoor shot, especially of the bright red coat. The brick makes a lovely contrast, but I can certainly understand being nervous about it.

  • Kirstin Marie 5 February 2011, 3:39 pm

    I agree with you that Friend Friday has really introduced some great posts and content. I love your photos outside, they look great! Your red coat is gorgeous.


  • oranges_and_apples 5 February 2011, 5:50 pm

    Ok, everyone, i hear you, the outdoor pics are a good idea! I will try and do more of them at the weekend if i can manage!

    Also, CANNOT believe the love the coat is getting! I don't even like it *that* much, it's just the warmest one I've got! Makes me see it in a whole new light!

  • Emma Clark 5 February 2011, 6:53 pm

    It's great to see how you decide to get involved and that you support other people. I love that you won't change how you blog just to join in someone's challenge. Keep up the great posts and we will read no matter what you're involved in.

  • MisfitsVintage 5 February 2011, 8:20 pm

    Gorgeous coat and stripey dress and I LOVE the outdoor shots – the light is different and I love the bricks. However, I have the luxury of posing in my very private backyard and I'm not sure I wouldn't feel very uncomfortable posigin in front of neighbours… so I do totally get your reluctance! Sarah xxx

  • Leia 6 February 2011, 9:19 am

    I love outdoor pictures, too! The lighting is great and the background is interesting. I'm trying to get the nerve to do more, too 🙂 I just wish I had a garden or yard!

    ♥ Leia

  • oranges_and_apples 6 February 2011, 12:30 pm

    thank you!

  • oranges_and_apples 6 February 2011, 12:30 pm

    Danke! Wo das alle jetzt so sagen, werde ich auch versuchen oefter nach
    draussen zu gehen! Die meisten werden aber trotzdem wohl drinnen sein, weil
    es ja vor und nach der arbeit noch/schon dunkel ist!

  • oranges_and_apples 6 February 2011, 12:30 pm

    Thanks! I'll take more outdoor shots if you write the FF answers! Any
    thoughts are good enough!

  • oranges_and_apples 6 February 2011, 12:30 pm

    Oh yeah, everyone has that coat! I see people wearing it all the time even
    now, and more last winter when it was new!

    Also I agree, I had issues with that question too! From other answers I've
    seen this week it seems that people felt peer pressured that they had to do
    something and their heart wasn't in it.

  • oranges_and_apples 6 February 2011, 12:30 pm

    If coats weren't so expensive to ship, I'd totally send it to you when the
    winter's up!

  • oranges_and_apples 6 February 2011, 12:30 pm

    danke danke!

  • oranges_and_apples 6 February 2011, 12:30 pm

    Once my neighbour asked me, and I told her that i was selling the dress I
    was wearing on ebay! Even if people don't ask me, i feel self conscious
    though, just the thoughts of someone seeing me pose. It seems vain somehow!
    maybe if I could get a facial expression that i could get right first time
    that would make it easier!

  • Linda 6 February 2011, 9:49 pm

    I love your red in this post!! You look bright and cheery. Of course, you always choose outfits with lots of fun color, so for you this is nothing new 🙂
    I'm glad EBEW fits in with your blog. The goal was to make it nice and easy and commitment-free so people like you, with fun style, are able to participate!

    The Auspicious Life

  • wholesale clothes 6 May 2011, 5:10 am

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    a good symbolize, and I appreciate this post for taking and giving an attention for those people who suffer a hearth disease. Inspiring blog.