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Outfit 20.2.11: how very neutral of me! (and cakes)

IMG_4486 copy

Today’s post is proof that I don’t always wear bright colours! Sometimes I like to wrap myself up in a pastelly cloud of soft neutral shades! Not often, mind.

* Outfit stats: *top – people tree *skirt – h&m *shoes – clarks *scarf – cheap scarf shop

I’ve been wearing lots of these fake pashmina scarves recently, I have them in black, green white and recently also dark red. They’re dirt cheap (£2) from a local chain of import shops. They’re 100% synthetic material and they smell a bit suspect when you first open the packaging, so you have to wash them to get rid of that cheap clothes smell, and when you do, they bleed colour everywhere, so no machine washing. But I don’t care because they are so cheap* and also so comfy and soft. They’re a real comfort thing for me.

Plus, they make ideal wraps for weddings:

wedding wraps

I wore this outfit to host an Edinburgh Etsy seller afternoon tea. I have no pictures of the other ladies, but I do have pictures of the cakes:

etsy meet cakes copy


rasberry and polenta cake

We had:

  • Peanut butter cookies
  • Raspberry and chocolate macarons
  • Oaty biscuits
  • Cranberry (and something?) cookies
  • Raspberry and polenta cake (I made this as a variation on the practically perfect orange and pistachio polenta cake. It was nice, but raspberries do not make a good pistachio substitute, so it was more sticky than the original cake. And pinker. But that’s a good thing)

Please excuse the remote in the middle of the table. I am a bad host!

And because I have the word neutral flitting around my head, and this is already a bitty post so I may as well keep going, here’s a couple clips from Futurama that amuses me:

I really wanted a clip of Zapp Brannigan going ‘How very neutral of you!’ but there isn’t one, sadly.

Oh, and the winner of the My Cloud Designs giveaway is Rochelle of Rochelle Approved. Congrats!

And since there seemed to be a bit of heated discussion about Twitter about this, I just wanted to note that while I am not taking part in the blogging silence for Japan, I do obviously support the bloggers doing it. We need to turn awareness into action, and I therefore urge anyone that has not donated yet to do so if they can, and to consider which charity they think is the most appropriate. I donated to the Red Cross (this links to the UK site).

And with that I leave you:

Have a great weekend everyone!

* and I realise that goes against the ethics thing I was talking about on Wednesday. Sometimes I act outwith my principles.

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  • Penny Dreadful 18 March 2011, 10:51 am

    Hi Franca, I'm not doing the silence either but do support those who are.

    Even though these aren't bright colours you've still managed to make it much more interesting than the usual dull neutral. The contrast between the navy, grey and bright white is really chic xx

  • Cat McLaughlin 18 March 2011, 12:27 pm

    FYI: The cookies were cranberry and dark chocolate choc chips 🙂

  • oranges_and_apples 18 March 2011, 12:30 pm

    That's what I thought but then I wasn't sure! They were yummy anyway!

  • Vix 18 March 2011, 2:12 pm

    Hi Franca! You wear neutrals as beautifully as you do colour.
    I'm not being silent either but those that choose to have my full support. xxx

  • MrsBossa 18 March 2011, 3:46 pm

    My word that cake looks good. I really must try macaroons sometime soon; they seem to be The Thing at the moment.

    I love the outfit – mega tights as usual!

    And as someone who has only been posting once a week, I think any silence of mine would go unnoticed. I have donated, however, and have included a donation bar on my blog – and I support the bloggers who are remaining silent today. xxx

  • Katie 18 March 2011, 4:34 pm

    I love the green dress with the black pashmina. That is one seriously beautiful frock!

    We're not taking part in the day of silence, either. It's such a last minute thing that there wasn't time for the four of us (in three different countries and on two different continents) to agree to what we wanted to do, and I would never impose a decision like that on my fellow bloggers without everyone's consent. I also tire of symbolic gestures (the one that really irks me are the ribbon stickers everyone puts on their cars in the states in support of different causes. Too often I know people who get a ribbon and then do nothing else) when action is more appropriate. I donated substantially to the Red Cross, and whether or not I'm silent today doesn't change what I've done or how I feel. And while I support those who have chosen to participate, I feel my actions and efforts are better served elsewhere.

  • two birds 18 March 2011, 8:37 pm

    both times you have blogged about these polenta cakes, i start craving one. they sound so delicious!
    i love this skirt on you!

  • poet 18 March 2011, 9:43 pm

    I'm always so tempted by these cheap fake pashmina scarves! I only resist by telling myself that the dye is going to give me some terrible health complications (sensitive skin, etcetera)… The outfit is indeed very unusual for you. Still a great "non-color" combination, and the skirt really stands out as much more fabulous than it probably would against a bunch of bright colors.

    Can you post the recipe for that polenta cake sometime? It looks delicious!

    Obviously I'm not doing the silence thing either. I still haven't found the right words, or silence, to talk about the disaster, and I had a post scheduled before I learned about the initiative, and somehow it felt wrong to just join instead of battling for my own mode of expression… I still don't know if it will appear.

  • Comtessedeferveur 19 March 2011, 11:23 am

    Hello! I love the neutrals, I wear them too but always look after to wearing a bright or a pastel again the day after! I also have a big collection of the pashmina-type scarves, very useful. xxx

  • lorena 21 March 2011, 6:02 pm

    I was going to say "how very neutral of you " 🙂
    Grey and purple are on my fave color combos list.