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Wedding guest outfit time

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I have a stick and i am not afraid to use it




Before I get into the Amsterdam picture bonanza (seriously, there will be LOADS, just as soon as I’ve sorted and edited them all), here’s some pictures or what we wore to an afternoon wedding a few weeks ago. It was quite a weird set up. We arrived at 1.30, it was the wedding and the drinks and then at 6 the close family sat down for a meal and we left. It was good fun though, and since the wedding was on a Thursday, the afternoon timing meant we were all bright and ready to go back to work the next day. There were only 40 people there but the bride had a humungous Jordan-style wedding dress and they had bought all the groom and groomsmen’s kilts too. And the rings were delivered by an owl! I guess different things matter to different people for their weddings.

Anyway, my dress. It’s vintage, possibly 1980s from the Sally Army on the foot of Leith Walk which is truly magical. Lots of vintage treasures in there! I hope I’m not spoiling it by saying that now and will never find anything again! It’s possibly a bit frumpy (especially with that extra weight I was talking about on Wednesday), and not very wedding guesty, but I wasn’t sure what to expect with the afternoon thing so I thought I’d err on the side of underdressed just in case.

Happy Friday kittens!

Outfit stats: * vintage dress – charity shop * vintage velvet coat – vintage shop * fascinator – etsy * shoes – clarks * belt – charity shop * gifted bag * Dave wearing the same stuff he always wears to weddings

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  • SACRAMENTO 1 April 2011, 9:24 am

    You both look fantastic, Franca. What a setting for a wedding.
    Loving your dress so much.

  • Kate Battrick 1 April 2011, 9:33 am

    Of course you always dress so well and that fascinator is a wow piece. I hope to be in Edinburgh in May so fancy a trip to the Sally Army shop? xx

  • oranges_and_apples 1 April 2011, 9:35 am

    Thank you! And Yes! How exciting! Email me the dates you'll be around?

  • Kate 1 April 2011, 9:56 am

    Franca, about the weight thing – I don't usually read the comments or comment myself as I get the blog through google reader, so I don't know if this has already been said a million times, but I really wouldn't have noticed had you not brought it up; actually, without doing a side-by-side comparison of photos I still can't see it! And why would I do that? You looked good when I first started reading, you still look good, and anyway my interest in your photos is about your style, not your figure – though I do think your figure is lovely. I know a blog is a personal thing, and I'm in NO way suggesting you're fishing or suggesting that you shouldn't say whatever comes into your head if you want to, but I wonder if by referring to it publically and dwelling on it, you're not making it a bigger deal than it is. (My husband would love to see me say this, he actually tactfully told me just last night that I shouldn't go on about my weight as it makes me feel worse and it's anyway only me that sees a big difference, but for some reason this makes more sense to me when I'm saying it to someone else than when he's saying it to me!) Anyway, I think that you look lovely, and also I always think reading your blog that you seem to be unaware of how truly pretty you are – you have such a gorgeous smile and eyes, and such fun and fab style. I know that ultimately the way one feels about these things is about how one feels about ONESELF and not about what other people think, and also that it's weight and not 'prettiness' per se that you're worrying about at the moment, but still, just wanted to drop that in there!

  • Penny Dreadful 1 April 2011, 1:53 pm

    Rings delivered by an owl? Bwahahahahaha! x

  • oranges_and_apples 1 April 2011, 1:56 pm

    Thank you Kate for your kind words! I felt quite moved! I really wasn't fishing for compliments, I didn't even think about what i was doing writing it.

    I actually totally know what you mean, and I won't make a habit of moaning about my weight. I just felt like I couldn't not mention in on Wednesday, it would have been lying to go on about my great self-regulating appetite wisdom and not acknowledge that it has been knocked off balance recently. Really I'm still broadly happy and I don't worry about it that much, I worry more about the stresse that have caused me to gain the weight. Though it is annoying that I've been the same weight for 7 years without effort and suddenly I'm finding that all my clothes are tight and I've gone up a dress size in the type of dress I want to wear as my wedding reception dress. Although our wedding will be non-traditional, I am still feeling the pressure to lose weight before the wedding like most people do, or at least not to put any on! But you are absolutely right, I'm probably the only one that notices! I'll be back to positivity in no time!

  • oranges_and_apples 1 April 2011, 1:58 pm

    it was really cute, small and white. The best man (who had the glove that it landed on) was totally paranoid about the whole thing, his hands were shaking when he untied the bag with the rings in!

  • oranges_and_apples 1 April 2011, 1:58 pm

    thank you! x

  • lorena 1 April 2011, 4:14 pm

    You both look lovely – what a beautiful setting for a wedding it's fairy tale like.
    I am wondering how they pulled the owl-ring delivery- how very unusual.

  • oranges_and_apples 1 April 2011, 4:20 pm

    The castle where was has a falconry, so they've got lots of birdkeepers. The
    chapel was on two levels so someone brought the owl in and it swooped down
    onto the best man's glove.

  • Marissa 1 April 2011, 9:24 pm

    You two are adorable! And I love the peacock headband. Rings delivered by and owl? LOL! That must have been a sight to see. How is it even possible? Haha. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • fuyume 1 April 2011, 10:09 pm

    Lovely dress and your blog always makes me crave a visit to scotland 🙂 might go for my 30th 🙂

  • Danielle O'B 2 April 2011, 1:58 am

    What a lovely colour! And your peacock headpiece is just beautiful!

  • Terri 2 April 2011, 3:25 am

    I'm admiring the vintage coat and your fella's lovely kilt. How does one train an owl to deliver rings?

  • Fashionforgiants 2 April 2011, 4:18 am

    You both look absolutely fabulous. I love, love, love your dress and your peacock feather headband. Gorgeous.

  • Hope Adela Pasztor 3 April 2011, 2:42 am

    LOVE the headband! peacock feathers are absolutely gorgeous. that castle in the background reminds me of hogwarts and professor kirke's house from the chronicles of narnia. =)


  • Tracey 3 April 2011, 10:12 am

    Lovely outfit … the colours are divine. The location looks wonderful too!
    (sounds like the wedding was a unique experience).

  • poet 3 April 2011, 10:53 am

    It's a very nice dress! I was a wedding guest on Friday, too, and I had a really hard time deciding what to wear because if you subtract anything that's white, too casual, too flashy and too dark from my closet, amazingly there isn't all that much left… 🙂

  • Aeallen 6 April 2011, 8:52 pm

    absolutely dashing, you two! xoxo