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Colourised vignette roundup (and Fashfem Linkage and last chance for the giveaway)

colourised vignettes

These were all taken with the ‘colourised’ setting on the vignette app. pretty, isn’t it?

In completely unrelated news, we’ve started a new feature on the Feminist Fashion Bloggers blog – Fashfem Linkage, showcasing posts related to the intersection between fashion and feminism that weren’t part of the monthly FFB blog event. Some amazing stuff on that list, have a wee gander over there if looking for intelligent stuff to read.

And finally, I’ll be picking the winner for the Kirsty Baynham giveaway on Sunday, so last chance to enter!

Have a good weekend all!

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  • Marissa 4 June 2011, 6:29 pm

    Such pretty spring photos! Someone really needs to come up with a good photo app for Blackberry.