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Bits of yellow

green and yellow
green and yellow
green and yellow
green and yellow
* dress- skunkfunk years ago, dyed green * shoes – united nude * button brooch – me made * other brooch – swap * bangles – charity shop, cheap import shop and beacon’s closet * earrings – gift from my sister *

This is for Everybody, Everywear, where the theme this month is yellow. Of course, I love love love yellow and have many bright yellow bits. For this, I decided to go with yellow accessories rather than actual bits of clothing, of which I have many, because I really wanted to wear this dress, which I dyed green the other day. In was green and brown and beigey before, see? I love the colour it’s turned out as!

Yellow | Everybody, Everywear

These were the first outfit photos I took with the new SLR by the way. I wasn’t overly impressed with the whole body outfit ones I must say, I could definitely have taken better ones with the point and shoot, though I like the detail pictures. I left too many variables on the auto setting I think, and will have to teach myself a lot still.

Maybe some readers know about these things and can help me out with some sepcific questions?

1. Is it possible to change the format of the pictures? I don’t like this longer, narrower shape, and prefer the 3×4 I got with the point and shoot. I’ve been through the instruction manual and have googled and I can’t find anything!

2. Why is the autofocus going mad? When I was taking pictures of the earrings, it took two pictures with the earings in focus and then for no discernible reason switched to the background being in focus. I moved the earrings to the centre of the pictures, but nothing, I couldn’t get it to change back.

3. Is it possible for the background to be blurry for full body pictures without using the manual focus? It does it for the detail pictures as you can see, and I’m not doing anything differently!

If it makes any difference, it’s a canon 600d and I was shooting in P mode.

Thanks guys!

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  • Rochelle 11 July 2011, 7:40 am

    P (or Program) is essentially full auto mode, but where you can change the settings if you wish. In order to get the fuzzy look for the background in the full outfit photos you might want to shoot on Av ( Aperture Priority) and set the aperture at the lowest number your camera will allow (this will create the shortest depth of field {amount the camera focuses on, thus throwing the background out of focus}).  In Av it still will pick the shutter speed to create a correct exposure.

    For autofocus issues… well sometimes it just goes mad.  Sometimes it has troubles focusing in lower light situations.  When mine starts to go mad I just switch it over to manual for a moment, and move the focus ring, then switch it back to auto. 

    The best way to switch back to the image ratio tat you had is going to be cropping after you take the picture. Just keep in mind while you are shooting that you will be cropping some off an end or both ends. 

    Hope this helped and I love your outfit! 

  • SACRAMENTO 11 July 2011, 7:53 am

    I have a format, that by clicking on the picture I can choose small, big large or extralarge.
    Try, you might have it and don´r know.
    You look so pretty, Franca.

  • oranges_and_apples 11 July 2011, 8:14 am

    Thank you! I will try that with the av, I looked at it yesterday and saw
    that it was set on the lowest level as standard. I was speaking to someone
    at the weekend who is one of those people who claim to know everything even
    when they don't have a clue and he was saying I would need to buy a new
    lens, so glad that's not true! If I'm buying any lenses its a macro one, toy
    really can't get close enough with the one that came with it. And how
    annoying that you can't change the format automatically!

    But really, I do love the camera!

  • Frocktasia 11 July 2011, 8:31 am

    What a fabulous outfit 🙂
    Instant mood lifter!
    Those ankle booties are lovely.
    Unfortunately I am a very lazy photographer, most of the time I just point, shoot & hope for the best.
    Take care luv,

  • Rochelle 11 July 2011, 8:34 am

    The format of the pictures is what shape the sensor inside the camera is… so pretty hard to change it automatically.. Macro lenses are amazing! I highly recommend getting one! 

  • Penny Dreadful 11 July 2011, 12:04 pm

    I am rubbish with my camera I'm afraid, but I love your green and yellow combination. Those shoes are lovely, we don't often see you in a heel 😉 xx

  • Kasmira 11 July 2011, 12:05 pm

    Love the dye job!

    And Rochelle is absolutely steering you right with the camera advice.  Have fun with the SLR.  I've had mine for 2.5 years and am still learning something new!

    I recommend finding a class on SLR cameras to get you going.

  • The Waves 11 July 2011, 5:44 pm

    I know nothing of cameras, but you look super in this outfit! You did a great job dying the dress, and I love the bangles and the earrings.

  • Badtastetoasttoast 11 July 2011, 6:06 pm

    Wooow die Strumphose! das Kleid, die Schuhe, sooo viel Farbe! Ich finds fantastisch! 🙂

  • Ceri 11 July 2011, 9:49 pm

    I love the yellow with the green and your hair looks so elegant

  • Fabienne Jach 12 July 2011, 4:33 am

    Oh my goodness, woman, those SHOES!!! They're just awesome! I like the way that dress turned out in green, too. Lovely!
    xo, f

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  • Ladyofashion 12 July 2011, 7:29 am

    The dyed green is brilliant! It looks as if it was already this excellent colour. I also loved the shoes.
    Sorry, I don't have a Canon, but mine allows size adjustments per shot after it's captured, i.e. uploading for mails, etc.

  • oranges_and_apples 12 July 2011, 7:36 am

    Thanks. It's not the size of the file, its the ratio of length to width that
    I want to change. But I've got my answers anyway, so thanks all!

  • LIzzy 12 July 2011, 11:59 am

    AV mode sounds like what you need… What lens do you have? For the full body shots, try putting yourself quite close the camera, and setting the aperture really wide (smallest F stop number). Then you should get a nice blurry background and lots of sharp detail on you! xx

  • Mrs. J 12 July 2011, 1:57 pm

    I know nothing about camera so I can't really help! 🙁 I love your little bits of yellow especially those bracelets! What is the temperature where your at because I'm burning up here in PA?!

  • Jessie 12 July 2011, 8:36 pm

    This outfit just might be the very best outfit ever. The dress is wonderful in green and the asymmetry in dress and shoes is fantastic and the shoes are…. Etc etc. In short, wow!

  • Monica 12 July 2011, 8:56 pm

    What a fabulous EBEW look! I love it! It is so bold and beautiful.  You have such a fun sense of style.

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  • sarah rose 12 July 2011, 10:55 pm

    i love it! you look so amazing. i love all the creative touches in your outfit. definitely following and definitely going to wear yellow this month!

    sarah rose

  • Vanessa 13 July 2011, 1:53 am

    I love those shoes, and how much vibrant color you used in this outfit.

  • Vanessa, Take only Memories 13 July 2011, 10:42 am

    What a great outfit! Crazy! Love it! 

  • Meagan 16 July 2011, 2:03 am

    I am really loving the green and yellow combination!

  • WendyBrandes 16 July 2011, 10:14 pm

    These colors are so wonderfully vivid!

  • Cathy 18 October 2011, 6:25 am

    Definitely love those shoes as well as the yellow accessories. Lovely!

    Cathy@digitizing service