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David Mach – Precious Light – the collages

noah's arc
jonah and the whale
the last judgement
the plague of animals
jacobs ladder
hell in paris
heaven in summer



On Saturday, we went to the City Art Centre to see David Mach – Precious Light: A Celebration Of The King James Bible. The exhibition:

explores the themes and legacy of the King James Bible (the first mass produced bible) in the year of its 400th anniversary. The text is widely regarded as one of the most influential works in the English language. Precious Light, which represents the Turner-nominated artist’s largest solo show to date, is a contemporary imagining of the King James Bible in collage, sculpture and words.

The images in this post are massive collages made from contemporary magazines, posters and books. They illustrate well known scenes from the bible, from top to bottom:
1. Noah’s Ark
2. Jonah and the whale
3. Babel
4. Nativity
5. The last judgement
6. The plague of animals
7. Jacob’s ladder
8. Hell in Paris
9. Heaven in summer
10. Jesus walking on water
11. Plague of Frogs

They are really big (at least 2 metres across) so there’s an amazing amount of detail that you can’t see in the reproductions. There were also some amazing sculptures made from coat hangers and matches, I took some photos of those which I’ll post tomorrow.

Images from David Mach’s website, except the last two which are from the City Art Centre.

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  • Lizzy 8 August 2011, 11:33 am

    These are collages? They are incredible. I particularly like the Jonah and the Whale piece, it's very atmospheric, although I did originally think he was looking out of a cave rather than a whale's mouth! (Ooops, scripture knowledge fail). I look forward to seeing the other sculptures! x