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Couple Style by Jean of all Trades

I’m Jean from Jean of all Trades, and I’m happy to be guest posting today while Franca and her new husband are on their honeymoon.

Do you know couples who look alike or dress alike? My husband and I have several couple friends who are too adorable for words: The rockabilly couple with their retro outfits and vintage cars; the sporty couple who cycle together and wear matching gear; the designer couple who look like they just finished modeling at New York Fashion Week.

We aren’t that kind of couple. My husband, Terrence, prefers neutrals and solids; I like bright colors and patterns. I define his style as classic; he calls mine quirky. But despite our differences, what we have, style-wise, works.

When I first met Terrence, what drew me to him was how elegant he looked in his black suit. One thing I’d never want to do is change his style. I’ve never bought him clothing. He does just fine on his own. I think that works for us. In return, he never questions my choice of colors (and combinations).

Because we dress in clothes that are comfortable to each of us, we both feel confident, genuine, and come across as our true selves. But that’s not to say we haven’t rubbed off on each other. Sometimes, when I see Terrence looking sharp in a suit, I’ll dress up a bit to match the level of sophistication he displays. He inspires me to look my best. Since we’ve been married, Terrence has started frequenting thrift stores (and he’s brought home some fabulous finds). I am happy to have helped him discover the joy and adventures of a bargain.

Each couple has different takes on how to negotiate, compromise, and balance different ideas and
opinions. For us, when it comes to style, we appreciate each other’s differences and celebrate our uniqueness. It’s a great feeling to know that our own take on fashion is celebrated and that our individual creativity is respected.

How would you describe your couple style? Do you have any couple style secrets to share?

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