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Couple Travel by Rochelle of Captured and Shared

Hello everyone! I’m Rochelle from Captured and Shared, and I get to entertain you today while the lovely Franca is away enjoying her honeymoon. When I was thinking of a topic for the post I decided that the most fitting topic would be sharing where my husband, James, and I have gotten to travel. We haven’t taken an official honeymoon yet, but we’ve traveled quite a bit and I’ve capture photos along the way.


On our travels most of the photos of both of us look somewhat like this, so I always try to capture other photos that actually show what the area is like.


Charleston, South Carolina is an adorable city that James and I were able to explore. The entire area is full of southern charm, history and photo oportunities.


Maine, and the rest of northeastern US was another really fun place to visit, though I am not sure if it would have been quite as fun to see in the snowy wintertime.


Niagra Falls was breathtaking to see! James and I both enjoyed reading some of the history and facts regarding the massive waterfall. It was incredible to see from the US side, but you get the full impact of how large it really is when you get to observe it from the Canadian side.


James is from Washington and we have gotten to visit a few times to see his family. When we were there he did a great job at showing me the area and helping me see past the rainy days.


These photos are from the Whidbey Island area of Washington, which is almost to the Canadian border.


Our latest adventure with traveling was moving to Okinawa, Japan! The sights and sounds are quite a bit different and we have been enjoying this new chapter.


Beaches like this scattered around the island make it easy to remember we’re living in a tropical paradise!

Thanks for stopping by, and if you would like to see more of my photography come check out Captured and Shared!

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