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Love, and Successful Relationships by Danni of Hey, Darnold!

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Hello! It’s Danni at Hey, Darnold!

A couple of years’ back I read an article in Glamour or Cosmopolitan about what to ask for in a man or in a relationship. I read it with a smirk on my face, agreeing whole-heartedly with each of the three points made.

1) Do not ask for a man who is handsome; ask for a man you are attracted to.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? If you asked for a man who is handsome, you might find yourself with someone elses’ idea of handsome. I’m rarely attracted to someone because of their looks – their personality plays a huge role in my attraction too. Which brings me to my next point…

2) Do not ask for a man who is funny; ask for a man who makes you laugh.
You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to make someone laugh. Just like there are a million bloggers on the web that raise a chuckle from their readers every day, there’s two people out there who make each other laugh every day. Be it because of the way they organize the medicine cabinet every time someone doesn’t put a box back perfectly or because they made a funny remark without meaning too, humour is dependent on the person receiving it. By asking for a man who is ‘funny’or ‘handsome’, you’re implying that everyone has a fixed idea of these qualities.

3) Do not ask for a man with a great job; ask for a man who is passionate.
I enjoy listening to people ramble on about something they love. You know the people who talk about something with an enchanting glint in their eye? That’s what you ought to be looking out for. Passion helps build successful careers, successful hobbies and (yes, you guess it) successful relationships. Passion is what makes him pick you up and carry you over the threshold; it makes him kiss you fervently in front of a myriad of people at the airport after a long holiday; it’s the reason why he brings you breakfast in bed every Saturday morning.

Passion, without a doubt, is what keeps that spark alive. And it’s likely to be the reason that ninety year old couple are still so happy together.

I’ll leave you thinking of what you think makes a successful relationship and invite you to open me to your thoughts either on this post, at my blog or by emailing me at x-heydarnold(at)hotmail.co.uk.

Congratulations to Franca and her husband – here’s to hoping you two become happy ninety year olds.

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  • dichohecho 7 September 2011, 8:26 am

    And I'd say TALK. If there's even the tiniest problem, mention it. Never let yourself get resentful because you'll start being unpleasant and it'll all fall apart.

  • Arash Mazinani 7 September 2011, 4:19 pm

    Definitely agree about passion. When you find someone that has a passion in their life then it's really great.