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Wedding decor ideas by Megan of Two Birds

hello, everyone! i’m megan from two birds. i am so happy to be guest posting for franca while she is celebrating her wonderful wedding and honeymoon. i love weddings, even if they are just on tv. seriously, i cry at them all. again, even if they are just on tv. it’s a little embarrassing, but not too bad, because everyone cries at weddings, right? before my sister, nora, and i started our vintage shop and our fun blog, we tried our hand at wedding planning. while we love planning weddings and have so many fun ideas, we found that some people aren’t always the easiest to work with. however, i am still in love with weddings and decor and details, so i am constantly searching all over for wedding inspirations. oh, and i am also not married, so some day, i will be planning my own. and by some day, i mean i’ve already planned it. you see, i am happily relationshipped. my man and i have been together for many years, and we have two darling children together. we are quite happily in love. we have talked about how we don’t need to be married to be committed, but we also both know that someday down the line, it will happen. we will tie the knot. so of course i have been perusing websites and pinterest boards and blogs looking for wedding ideas. not because i’m anxious to get married, but because who doesn’t love a good party? so, here are a few ideas i have in mind for when i do actually take that leap.

we plan on making our wedding very casual. we want it to have a sort of county fair/carnival theme. we for sure want it to be a whole-day event, and possibly even an all-night event, with tents and/or cabins for everyone to sleep in.

there will fair food like corn dogs, popcorn, cotton candy and funnel cakes.

there will be a table of just desserts.

there will be a bluegrass band with a dance floor flanked by hay bales.

we hope for a fortune teller, a photobooth and some good old-fashioned fair games for the kids (young and old) to play.

perhaps a kissing booth?

and there will be lots and lots of cold beer.

and we hope that everyone will remember this fun day for years to come. i know i will!

congrats, franca. may your wedding be as special as can be!!

megan bird

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  • Helen 5 September 2011, 4:10 pm

    Wow! Wish I could go to a wedding like this. I do loooove weddings, I went to one this weekend, cried all through the speeches and danced through the evening 😀

  • Sadie 5 September 2011, 4:28 pm

    Ooh looks fabulous!!

    Sadie x


  • Terri 6 September 2011, 2:19 am

    Megan–this wedding when it arrives shall be MEMORABLE!!!