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My etsy shop closing down Sale!!! Free shipping on everything!

purple sophie beret

orangey autumnal colours feather and fan scarflette

I made some brooches

billie stripy beanie in petrol and dark green

hanknit felted flower brooches/pins

alex gloves in burgundy

four vintage fabric heart brooches

charleston headband in cream

Fern Lace Scarflette

cara scarflet in cream

Alex beret in navy

Long term readers may know that I have an etsy shop in which I sell knitted berets, scarves and gloves as well as felted and sewn brooches. I don’t promote it overmuch, and I just let it lie fallow during the summer when no one wants to buy knitted things and I don’t feel like knitting.

Now would be the time to start it up again and photograph and list all the things I made at the end of last winter – there’s loads of them. But I’ve had a think and I’ve got so much on and rather than push myself even harder with fitting everything in, I’ve decided to shut down the shop. I can’t give it the attention it deserves, and I’d rather dedicate myself to making the blog better and to spend time with real life people.

But of course, I have tons of stuff that needs to get out into the world and be used and worn and if I’m being perfectly honest, it would be nice to earn a little extra as we have some plumbing repairs that need to get done that are eating up cash like nobody’s business, we wish we could use the best plumber in las vegas help. So rather than just let the shop sit there empty, I’ve decided to relist everything I alredy have pictures of and have a big closing down sale. So:


You can buy via my etsy shop, or shoot me an email on franca(dot)likes(dot)apples(at)gmail(dot)com and we can work it out between ourselves. If stuff isn’t linked to in the list below, that means I haven’t got a picture, so please email me and I’ll take one. Pricing is the same as for the listed stuff.

All my knitted stuff is made from high quality yarns. It’s 100% pure wool, unless otherwise stated – there’s a bit of vegan stuff too. Here’s what I have:

Alex berets (like the bottom picture)
* black
* dark purple in a cashmere mix
* bright red in vegan acrylic
* electric blue in vegan microfibre

Sophie berets (like the top picture)

* teal
* forest green

Stripy beanies (4th picture from the top)
* grey and burgundy
* dark green and petrol in cashmere mix
* burgundy, orange and pink
* yellow, brown and red and felted

Cara scarflettes (like the second pic from the bottom)
* bright red in vegan acrylic
* slightly darker red in vegan acrylic
* burgundy
* navy in cashmere
* cream in vegan acrylic
* warm bright green

Other scarves and scarflettes
* autumn colours feather and fan in handdyed wool silk mix
* petrol feather and fan in wool/cotton mix
* gorgeous white lace
* long, stripy and colourful

Felted flower brooches
* soft pink and purple
* purple and soft pink
* soft pink and red
* purple and copper
* blue and red
* red and blue
* grey and copper
* purple and red

Sewn brooches (third from the top and the hearts)
* a selection of flowers (you can buy them separately)
* a selection of hearts (you can buy them separately)
* blue check with a red button
* green check with three buttons

Fingerles gloves
* burgundy
* kelly green
* stripy cream and olive
* black

Charleston headband (underneath the hearts)
* cream

And that’s it! Thank you if you’ve made it this far and I hope you like something enough to buy it!

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