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Charity shop finds

charity shop finds

All of this cost £4 combined! Shiny, eh?

I got the blue mini bag first. It was £1.79, and is originally from Primark. I usually avoid Primark like the plague, but I made an exception for this bag because it didn’t look too badley stitched and it’s a fab size for going out. It will fit my (big!) wallet, my phone and keys but not take up too much space. It probably only cost £3 to start off with though!

Then I walked past another charity shop that was having an ‘everything £1’ sale! The wool tweed blazer is originally from H&M. I’m not usually a blazer person, but I thought I’d give it a try for that price. I wore it to work yesterday and got a compliment on it!

The brooches were just 50p each, which is quite notable given that most charity shops charge about £4 for that kind of thing these days! And you know how I love brooches, they’re my fave accessory!

Finally, the tin is from the car boot sale and cost 20p. It’s just a tin that used to have a candle in it, but it’s ideal for my kirby grips, of which I have rather a lot after having my hair put up by the hairdresser. There were about 50 in my wedding do!

What have you thrifted recently?

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