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View from piazza michelangelo

santa maria novella

Duomo interior

View from piazza michelangelo



santa croce

antique shop

view onto Duomo


ponte vechio

Florence Duomo


outside pallazzo pitto

by Pallazzo Vecchio

These are the last travel photos from the honeymoon. I know, I’ve managed to keep the travel photography posts going for a full six weeks after we got back!

Florence was the last part of our honeymoon, and we were there for 4 days. I’d been told by a few people before went that Florence was incredibly touristy and incredibly busy, but it wasn’t too bad. There were a lot of tourists of course, but it also felt like a real city. It might be because we were staying a little bit out of the central area near the university, so we saw lots of students going about their business. And there was lots and lots of streetart which I always see as an indicator of a lively cultural life. I also really liked that it’s a quite small city (totally dominated by the massive Duomo as you can see), compact and easily walkable. Which was mainly what we did, with regular ice cream stops. We didn’t even go to the Uffizi, because by that point our capacity to absorb renaissance art was fully used up. Travel is much more fun when you forget about going to things because you should!

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