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FarFetch online designer boutique

When I was recently contacted by a PR working for an online designer fashion boutique, I did not have high hopes. I get emails from all sorts of random people all the time, and the word designer is usually used in the loosest sense of the word, including things like ‘designer contact lenses’. However, this was different, and the designer boutique was actually the real thing, so when they offered to let me pick an item for review decided to jump in and do my first ever sponsored post. I hope you like it!

The company is FarFetch.com and the concept behind it is interesting. The site isn’t a traditional online shop, but brings together a large number of independent boutiques from across Europe and North America. There’s even one from Luxembourg*! You can do all your shopping in one place, but the orders are delivered by the boutiques themselves. So although you are doing online shopping, your are still supporting a brick and mortar shop. Because we don’t want to lose those!

I was also very impressed with the amount of editorial/non-shopping content on the site. They are clearly trying to be more than a shop, and I think it works. There’s loads of information about the boutiques and the designers, so you start to get a bit more of a ‘real’ sense of who and where you are buying from. There’s also various blogs under the people section, featuring inspiration, interviews and features on the boutiques. I just spent about 45 minutes on that bit when I should have been writing this post, it’s better than a lot of magazine-style blogs, except with the added danger of delicious clothes being sold nearby.

Which neatly brings me onto the products. When I looked at the front page initially, my first thought was that it was not for me. Everything is so beautiful, but everything is also on a price level that I can’t even begin to contemplate. On the front page of the women’s section just now, there’s a £2,700 coat and a £1,400 bag. But never fear!

Designer clothing is organised in three ‘departments’: Luxe, which is all the proper big designer brands; Lab, which is new designers; and Contemporary, which is diffusion, denim and casual labels. There is so much stuff on the site it’s actually slightly mind blowing – more than 12,500 womenswear items not counting accessories for example. In Lab (my favourite) and Contemporary, there is some really great stuff for all budgets, not just clothes, but lots of fab jewellery, homewares and art too. It’s got a good mix of designer-designer and independent-designer if you know what I mean. I’ve put together a wee selection of stuff for less than £50 above.

It took me ages to go through everything but in the end this is what I chose to try out for myself:

I absolutely love it! It’s by London-based boutique Labour of Love, and you can really see the attention to detail in the design. I haven’t got any pictures yet, because I only got it yesterday due to DHL redelivery delays, so I will do a separate outfit post and will talk about it properly then.

But one thing I did want to mention now is the sizing. There is a a standard sizing guide for the site, but this is essentially useless because it’s obviously all different labels and you have no idea whether that particular label conforms to the standard sizing guide or not. Thankfully though, it tells you for every item what size the model is wearing in the pictures, and it gives the measurements of the model so you can sort of gauge yourself against them.

According to the standard sizing guide, I’m on the slightly smaller end of a a medium, but then I saw that the model was wearing a medium in the pictures, and her bust and hips are about 10cms smaller than mine, so I thought I’d better go for the large. And it turned out to be just right. Of course, it would be much better for an individual sizing guide to be supplied for every brand, so that you’re not having to compare yourself to the model, which would be pretty hard to do if you’re any further removed from her size than me. But it’s something at least, and they do offer completely free returns if you’ve miscalulated (or any other reason for that matter).

Overall, I would definitely recommend FarFetch! I will definitely have a look if I’m ever in need of a unique gift or a special occasion dress.

Can I ask what people thought of this post? I don’t often do review posts, and like I said this is my first sponsored one, so I’d like to know. Is there anything I’m missing you’d have wanted to know? Or is it too long/boring? Moral views on sponsored posts? Tellmetellmetellme!

* that’s where I’m from, fact fans!

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  • Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog 16 December 2011, 8:34 am

    I hjave no problem at all with sponsored posts as long as they are honest. Rather than writing bad reviews I just tend not to review stuff that I don’t like. I really like Farfetch, would definitely use it for a special occasion. I love your pick.

  • Rhianne 16 December 2011, 8:51 am

    I’ve actually really been looking forward to this since you mentioned it on Twitter, I’ve been asked a few times to do them but I never have as they haven’t suited me or my blog, so I was interested to see what swayed you 🙂

    and I love it, its such an interesting site and your choice is so you, though I would have loved to see a picture of you in it as well, I bet it looks great!

    I don’t have a problem with sponsored posts either, if you like it and want to write about it, then why not?
    Rhianne recently posted..Fireworks and Sparklers!!My Profile

    • Franca 16 December 2011, 9:34 am

      I’ll wear it either this weekend or over the Christmas break, it does look really good!

  • Vix 16 December 2011, 4:03 pm

    What a fantstic choice, I’m dying to see you wearing that, it’s really going to suit you.
    I have no problems with a well written and honest sponsored post like yours. x
    Vix recently posted..I’m Dreaming Of A Crimplene XmasMy Profile

  • Teeny 18 December 2011, 8:44 am

    i loved this post Franca. Because you didn’t gush. it didn’t feel like you were overselling or trying to brown-nose (i hope you’ve heard of that saying). You’re very open with your ethics, which makes me trust your review. well done! gonna check it out right now.

  • Clare B 18 December 2011, 11:42 pm

    Looks like a great site… now the trick will be if they ship to Australia!

    • Franca 19 December 2011, 5:45 pm

      I’m sure it was free worldwide shipping! Not sure if that’s a permanent thing or a christmas offer, but it means they defo ship worldwide1

  • Mode Plus 21 December 2011, 12:54 pm

    I like getting to know new sites preferably to get inspired. I’m not a millionaire so I shop with my eyes a lot … LOL. Will be checking this site out for sure.
    Mode Plus recently posted..Forest ColorsMy Profile