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Film effect vignettes

film vignettes

And another setting on the android vignette app – ‘generic film effect’. Despite the rubbish name, I really like it! It’s a bit more contrasty than without any effect, and everything is in quite cold colours. Which works well given the recent weather.

Some explanations:
1. At the march for the public sector workers’ strike, with the Parliament in the background
2. Snuggling on the sofa with the duvet
3. I love the way helter skelters look. They look rubbish to go on, even for tiny kids, but they are so pretty!
4. Edinburgh’s German Christmas market and fair
5. The National Museum of Scotland
6. A stuffed Panda in the museum, not one of the two new ones that have just travelled from china to Edinburgh zoo. It’s been a bit Panda mad for the last few weeks up here!
7. A Canadian poster advertising flights to Scotland from the 50s.
8. I love the writing on this building!
9. Stacked chairs, I love the colour!
10. Mosque kitchen curry!
11. The Crags
12. A random street corner
13. You are beautiful written on the mirror in a pub. Makes me smile!
14. Bertie was pouncing on my shoe and chasing the laces for literally 15 minutes. I later discovered his ping pong ball was inside one of them.
15. A 36 pack of Tunnock’s teacakes someone brought into work! So exciting! You usually only get packs of 8.
16. First picture with the new hair

In other news, I’ve been updating my tumblr quite a bit recently! Check it out if you like!

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