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Crafter’s Ceilidh – Edinburgh blogger meet up!

crafters ceilidh

On Friday, I went to the ‘Crafter’s Ceilidh’ – a meet up of crafty (mainly sewing) bloggers. It was so much fun and so nice to meet lots of other bloggers, even if it did make me feel woefully inadequate about my decidedly basic sewing skills. There was people from all over the UK there and it was ace to meet Edinburgh based blogers too, especially Debi whose blog I’ve been following for a good while. Massive thanks to her, Kristen and Kerry for organising!

Here’s a photo of everyone with our Saltire looking surpremely windswept:

group photo_2

From Left to Right: Kerry, Karen, Winnie, Rachel L., Kari, Roo, Carolyn, Amanda, So-Ha, Kiran, Rachel, Debi B., Kristen, me, Alana, Debi, Hannah, Katie and Melizza.

First stop was Frederick’s Coffee house for tea and chat, followed by the group photo, followed by vintage shopping. I cleverly wore a dress I couldn’t actually take off or put on myself, but I still managed to get something, hehe! It’s a 70s skirt suit made from liberty Fabric. It was £20, which by Armstrong’s prices is a steal. I think it’s a but to full on to wear in a oner, but as separates it will be fab! I love the top especially.

Liberty fabric suit

Then the other girls went fabric shopping but given that I (a) can barely sew (b) am moving to a different country in 5 weeks’ time I thought I better go home. And amazingly, I actually did some sewing, that’s how much all the wonderful ladies inspired me.

I came back for the next bit though, which was a yarn and sewing swap in new (and as of yet unopened) Sewing Bee cafe. I do feel quite terrible about this, all I brought was a bag handle and a belt buckle and I walked away with all of this stuff:

Three bits of yarn in totally un-me but nevertheless delicious colours. I’m thinking a stripy beret and glove set with the light colour and the variegated stuff, and maybe a zig zag scarf using the darker brown and various odds and ends.

wool fabric
Wool fabric. Isn’t it gorgeous?

A sewing pattern. Yes, (a) and (b) above still hold, but no one wanted it and it said ‘very easy’ how could I resist?

We rounded off the night with Dinner and cocktails. I did take pictures but they’re all horrid, as I seem to have forgotten how to use the manual controls on my point and shoot and it was somehow stuck on low level flash!

It was a fabulous day!

P.s. Oh, and all this sewing chat spurred me on enough to finish sewing the dress I’d had the patterns lying about for months and months! Photos coming up soon (or maybe not that soon, but at some point. I am still about two weeks behind with the outfit posts. but it will happen. yes!)

P.p.s. I wore a lovely outfit, but there is no photographic evidence of the inner layer I’m willing to share (you can see some v unflattering pics of me eating a scone and having a weird facial expression at Kerry‘s though). The outerwear gives an idea of the full on brightness I was going for:

P.p.p.s. All the photos are shamelessly stolen from everyone else!

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