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1000th post reflections and giveaway


I recently published my 1000th post! Scary biscuits! I didn’t even notice it at the time (this post is number 1011) but it’s a massive milestone. I’ve been going through a weird time recently (studying while working full time, wedding, honeymoon, straight into exam, now moving to Brussels. Dave’s job situation is no clearer either) and sometimes the blogging did feel like it was just a little bit too much. I know I’ve said this a million times before, but it is SO HARD not to get sucked into the pressure to watch your stats and grow your blog. I won’t go into it here because no one needs to hear me moan, but there was definitely a time last year where I was just struggling on, feeling overstretched and like I was out of the loop and not interacting enough with blogger friends or producing good stuff for everyone to read. And then feeling guilty.

In the end I did eventually get my groove back, after an extended Christmas break. I’m back to posting four times a week now, and I’ve published some big posts I’m really proud of and have inspired lots of discussion, which for me is pretty much the best thing about blogging. I definitely won’t increase my posting frequency now, because I know any more doesn’t leave me enough time to actually enjoy what I’m doing. I might reduce to three times or maybe even just two when I get to Brussels, we’ll see. I’ve also decided to only check my stats fortnightly. But the most important thing is that I feel more part of the blogging world again. I am still not commenting a huge amount, and I’m probably not distributing my comments very fairly among everyone I read, but I feel I have reached something of an even keel and a level I should hopefully be able to maintain for a bit.

Anyway, if you’ll forgive me that little bit of self-indulgent rambling, here’s the giveaway part to say thank you! It isn’t much, just a wee brooch thing from my etsy shop, but I hope you like it!

I’m trying to get to know my readers better, particularly the ones that don’t have blogs, so to enter the giveaway, please tell me a little about yourself. Who you are, where you’re from, a random fact about yourself, that kind of thing. That’s all! I’ll leave this open for a couple of weeks.

Thanks to everyone for reading and I look forward to finding out more about you! And good luck!

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  • Teeny 6 February 2012, 8:25 am

    I feel like you put real effort into your posts, I never think that they’re lacking in substance or thought…I find it hard to knock out one post a week let alone 4! Glad you’re feeling better about the process, and aren’t caving into the pressure of popularizing it.

  • Veronica Darling 6 February 2012, 9:27 am

    Congratulations Franca! You are a darling blogger, no matter how many or few times you post, and I’ll always enjoy blogging alongside with you. You certainly are an inspiration to me, for your writing and collection of thoughts about consumerism and fashion just really resonate and I’m overall excited about making clothes in ‘my own ethical and sustainable way’. Thank you for your insights!

    Veronica Darling recently posted..A Sydney WeddingMy Profile

  • Trayci 6 February 2012, 10:17 am

    Firstly well done on actioning so many posts. I am lucky that I really enjoy rambling on (and it is random ramblings I can tell you!) but if it ever became a chore then I would have to question what I was doing it for. It could be all too easy to get obsessed with the figures but I just want people to read if they want to. I hope that they can see themselves in my blog too.

    A random fact would be that I can’t stand marmite or caviar and that I once laughed so much I passed out!

    X x
    Trayci recently posted..Snow Days…..My Profile

  • Debi 6 February 2012, 3:32 pm

    1,000 posts! Wow…what an achievement! I just adore your blog and it was so lovely to meet you in person! Thanks for the lovely giveaway! xoxoxo
    Debi recently posted..I’m Sew Grateful for…My Profile

  • Kimberlee 6 February 2012, 3:38 pm

    Aw congrats!! I really loved what you said about blogging. It is SO time consuming that most people who don’t blog have no idea. Trying to juggle a full-time job and blogging is quite difficult so I hear ya.

    Hmm what don’t you know about me? I was born and raised in New Jersey, USA. Around 12 my family moved to California for my dad’s job. I hated the West Coast, so for college I was able to move back to NYC where I’ve been happy ever since ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Kimberlee recently posted..China Glaze Electropop Collection SwatchesMy Profile

  • Vix 6 February 2012, 4:22 pm

    Congratulations Franca, that’s some milestone. Wishing you lots of love and luck with your move. x
    Vix recently posted..Snow Leopard and the Last of Our Adventures In KeralaMy Profile

  • Rhianne 6 February 2012, 4:29 pm

    Hurray, Congrats Franca, my little blog is 3 years old this month which I still can’t believe.

    Here’s to anothr 1000 posts!
    Rhianne recently posted..Reflections in Black and White…My Profile

  • poet 6 February 2012, 5:04 pm

    I know how you feel – I’m only writing a MA thesis and contemplating moving in with the boyfriend, and it’s so much that I’ve fallen out of touch with blogging in the past months… I always read and enjoy your posts even though I don’t comment a lot! Congratulations on post No. 1000 ๐Ÿ™‚ Mhm, I guess my current occupations count as a bit of info about me. I could really do with more brooches to wear, and this one looks particularly nice!
    poet recently posted..Clash of culturesMy Profile

  • House of pinheiro 6 February 2012, 7:07 pm

    Oh Hun, it was a delight to met you in person and lovely reading your discussions … Good quality better than quantity. Xx

  • Linda 6 February 2012, 9:21 pm

    Cute post!!


    Linda from http://www.moonon.com
    Linda recently posted..GREEN DRESSMy Profile

  • Scruffybadger 6 February 2012, 9:28 pm

    Hi Franca,
    Wowee, 1000 posts! How much work is that! Having only recently discovered your blog (after meeting you – usually it’s the other way around) I am really enjoying your quality pictures & interesting topics. So well done – that’s a grand achievement.
    Me – maybe I give a bit away about me on my blog, which gives me the chance for some inner relief from a corporate office job. Boy do I need some creativity & silliness in my life!
    Scruffybadger recently posted..Scruffy Badgerโ€™s stunt doubleMy Profile

  • Jen 6 February 2012, 9:30 pm

    1,000 posts is awesome! I’m one of those not-bloggers who has no idea how much time & effort it takes to maintain a blog, but I’m guessing it’s a lot!

    My name’s Jen and I live in northern California in the redwoods and I’m 41 but I feel about 13 most of the time. I jump around like a spaz a lot. This is the first time I’ve been to your blog and I’m enjoying it immensely.

    Also that fuzzy little brooch thing is adorable. :o)

  • Terri 6 February 2012, 10:08 pm

    Franca–You have a lot on your plate and should just breathe occasionally. I am very very impressed by the number of posts you’ve accumulated. By comparison, I have a mere 300 or so and I feel like I’ve been at it for a while myself. I know when I returned to blogging in December I had made a firm promise to myself to avoid the stats (and the pressure to check them) and I am a happier blogger as a result. Hope I’m eligible for the giveaway.
    Terri recently posted..Visible Monday: Pleats & Sweater VestsMy Profile

  • Salvaged Strawberry 6 February 2012, 10:30 pm

    Hello! Congrats! I just found your blog today! Super cute! I live in MPLS, MN, and am a fellow blogger and etsy shop owner. I just started taking a knitting class (my second class is tomorrow), and I can’t wait to make crafty things like this for friends and fam over the holidays. I hear ya on just blogging and not paying attention to stats. I don’t have a ton of followers, so I pretend I am writing letters to friends, and just put it all out there. ๐Ÿ™‚ xo have a great day!
    Salvaged Strawberry recently posted..Match Made in HeavenMy Profile

  • Sarah 6 February 2012, 11:14 pm

    That’s a lot of posts! Congratulations!

  • Sara 7 February 2012, 3:22 am

    Oh congrats on the big post! You have been posting some pretty awesome ones lately, I read them at work and forget to come back and comment ๐Ÿ˜› I really liked your pro-con shopping list of store-bought, hand-made & thrift clothing. It was really interesting and really well-written ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sara recently posted..Inspiration: Zooey DeschanelMy Profile

  • Jennifer Brown 7 February 2012, 9:41 am

    I found your blog recently and it really drew me in. I’m Scottish, 41, and a Mum to 2 little boys. I consider myself pretty outside the realm of the fashion world, but I find your posts really well written, interesting and beautiful to look at. I’m at home with my boys full-time at the moment and like reading blogs that remind me that there is a world outside of my front door! Thanks, J.x
    Jennifer Brown recently posted..Robin Hat Giveaway WinnerMy Profile

  • Ariane 9 February 2012, 10:01 pm

    Beautiful pics Franca!
    Ilove your hat about the dress it looks nice why don’t have it modify somehow.


    Ariane recently posted..My Style And My Recent Thrift FindsMy Profile

  • anne the SpyGirl 13 February 2012, 2:45 pm

    congratulations on your 1000 milestone! not an easy accomplishment. give yourself a big giant pat on the back!

    “please allow me to introduce myself…”
    I’m a painter, I design prints for underwear, and I teach photoshop + illustrator at an art college in los angeles. I was born in upstate NY 56 years ago and have lived in southern california for 30.
    I write 5 blogs (but certainly not every day)
    random fact: you started me on my Desigual addiction with that coat post
    anne the SpyGirl recently posted..My Polyvore: Shake It UpMy Profile

  • Melizza 22 February 2012, 11:28 am

    What a sweet brooch! A random fact? I hand-wrote a 500+ page novel before I was 16. It was pure crap but I still keep it in storage. Just in case …

  • Mathild-e 22 February 2012, 11:49 am

    Hi! Congratulations! I’m Mathilde and I live in the north of France, in Lille a nice city you should visit when you are in Brussels, it’s just one hour and a half away…
    I’ve been reading your blog since its beginning and I really like it even if I don’t comment much. It’s funny you’re offering a brooch in your giveaway because you’re the one who inspired me to start wearing brooches and buttons. I like it a lot even though they distract some of my pupils…
    Random fact: I’m french and both my parents are, yet I get asked very often where I come from. Aparently I have an accent that people identifie as spanish,english, dutch, belgian…

  • SusanD1408 22 February 2012, 4:36 pm

    Wow 1000 post is amazing! I am from the north west of the UK. Married 5 year old son we call Little Red. I love to crochet and I am trying to expand mine and also my sons crafting experience. I have CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) so am finding crafting ideal as I have to rest a lot. I am quite new to your blog but really enjoying it. I mostly crochet animal themed items such as hats and love coming up with new designs.
    SusanD1408 recently posted..Wednesday WIP 22/02/12My Profile

  • MarieAnge 6 March 2012, 6:58 pm

    Congratulations on the 1000th post!
    I’m nowhere near that myself! LOL

    I’m Mรฉtis, from Canada, married to an amazing man. Both my children are grownup out on their own. I have FM, CFS, autonomic neuropathy, and a grocery list of accompanying illnesses to work hand in hand with FM.
    I crochet and knit, design patterns and work on getting my life organized to figure out who I am and where I’m going. My design blog is still very very new compared to my other life blog which can be accessed via my profile.
    I’m hoping to be attending university this fall if the planets align and the stars and the moon dance a jig around the sun. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Random fact: I knit left-handed, crochet right-handed and I’m ambidextrous!
    MarieAnge recently posted..Starstruck Dish, Wash cloth incl. Hotpad, Makeup Scrubbie & Coaster optionsMy Profile

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