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Dreamy Diana – a Diana + lens on an SLR!

cockburn street
st andrew's house
london road
royal terrace

I recently bought the Dreamy Diana lens, which is a standard Diana+ lens (I think, I don’t really know about such things) with an adapter to make it work on SLRs. And it totally works! These are just some pictures I took last Friday afternoon, mainly of my neighbourhood. There was a lot of totally blurry shots (even worse then that one of Dave which is blurry in a nice way) so I’m glad I’m figuring this out on an SLR and not film – that would be very expensive! It’s really a different way of thinking with this lens, the way it’s wider angle than what I’m used to and moving things don’t really work anyway. I love the effect it gives when it all goes right though, it is dreamy!

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