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Film vignettes

film vignettes

Some scenes from my life, as captured on my phone using the vignette app:

1. A cute porcelain sugar pot from the sewing blogger meetup. 2. New boots. I got them in the sales. they still need walking in 3. I was going to put this on facebook saying David MacLeod is a geek, but Dave finished looking at model planes and ships just in time 4. Look at the cats snuggling! I knew we’d get there eventually! They’ve only done it twice since, but at least Ginger isn’t quite as sulky round bertie as he used to be 5. Crumpets with loads of butter. 6. I baked a loaf of bread but it failed to rise properly, so it was tiny. Tasted good though! 7. Sloeberries from the sloe gin making 8. we played a game called flounders aimed at 4 year olds at christmas. it was fun! 9. sad heart streetart 10. I quite liked the scarf – stripy top combo 11. We are obsessed with this humungously fat cat that lives near us. We call it the spherical cat. It’s quite shy, so I’m yet to capture it’s rotund shape properly, here it looks like an alien about to zap your eyes out. 12. Lego figurines that came in cracker-style bags. 13. Conclusive proof that stylishness is not usually my prime objective. here I am wearing knee length joggy bottoms, knee length socks, wooly socks and waterproof trainers to go to yoga. 14. Ligonberry cider! 15. This is from a long time ago, when there was a bit of snow 16. Sunrise on my way to work

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  • Lyddiegal 13 February 2012, 2:37 am

    what a cute photo set – that sunrise shot is so pretty.
    Lyddiegal recently posted..Mini MooMy Profile